OrgSync is your online account that you can access anywhere at anytime to view events on the LI Calendar, track your progress in the LI program, contact program administrators, and more.
If you are already signed up on OrgSync, you must now add the Leadership Initiative program into your “Organizations” tab.  At the top of your OrgSync page, click “Organizations” then “Add Organization.” Search for “Green Certificate" and click "Join Now" on the right-hand side. You will do the same for every other certificate level.
Each certificate has specific workshops that you must complete. Please remember to complete the written reflections for each workshop you attend. You can find the date, time and location for each certificate's workshop on the LI Calendar on OrgSync.  For more details, please go to the LI homepage and pull down the tab for each certificate level.
At the events, there should be a Leadership Initiative staff member or a registration desk to check in 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the start of the event. Make sure to indicate that you are apart of the Leadership Initiative program at the check in so that you can get credit for your event.
You must attend the event for credit.
In your OrgSync account, you can access your attendence by clicking “My Tools” at the top of the page, then "My Involvement."  This page will display your involvement summary and a list of events and workshops you have attended.
Yes, there is a calendar online that you can easily access through the navigation pane on the left side of your OrgSync. When you click on the calendar you will be able to navigate through each month’s events. If you are interested in an event you can click on it and find out more information: who it is hosted by, what category of the LI program it satisfies, date, time, location, a description of the event and any important notices.

Campus Partners FAQs

Only LI administrators can add events to the calendar. However, if you would like to request an event to be added, go to the "Forms" tab on OrgSync to fill out and submit a "Leadership Initiative: Event Calendar Request" form.
Team Work
1. As a class attend a Leadership Initiative event in lieu of class.
2. Create or encourage teams for students to go to events together; as first year students transition, a companion to events or workshops may increase probability of attendance.
3. Request peer mentor to update students weekly of Leadership Initiative events and workshop as well as mid-point and deadline of program.
4. Facilitate in-class conversations or email correspondence about the purpose of the program; frequent instructor endorsement of the program may increase student interest and motivation in addition to providing opportunities for students to ask questions, address concerns, or share challenges.

1. Require written reflections per event attended as an assignment or extra credit.
2. Create an assignment where students outline events they plan to attend.
3. Incentivize program participation by making certificate completion worth a significant portion of course grade (i.e. 20%).

1. Review the online LI Calendar as a class or request peer mentor to review; consider scheduling or assigning teams with specific dates of workshops scheduled on the online LI Calendar.
2. Emphasize and refer to certificate checklist to discuss student accountability and initiative to attend events and workshops and complete requirements of certificate track.
3. Utilize mid-semester report to create an anonymous student version sent via email for students to view individual and overall class credit.
To enhance the quality of our students experience in the Leadership Initiative program, campus events are required to meet the following outcomes below in order to be approved and added to the Leadership Initiative Calendar.

1. Student will be able to name host department and identify at least two programs and services offered by host department.
2. Student will be able to identify at least one staff or student staff member of event.
3. Student will be able to connect with at least one peer during event.

Additionally, campus events are required to meet outcome(s) listed per area of growth.

Campus Life (CL)
Student will be able to demonstrate awareness of campus resources.

Appreciating Diversity (AD) Student will be able to describe a topic related to diversity or multiculturalism.

Professional Development (PD)  Student will be able to describe skill(s) or competence(ies) and its application to their professional career.

Service (S) Student will be able to identify and describe philanthropic practices and its purpose as it relates to their community.

Wellness (W) Student will be able to identify practices as it relates to their health and wellness.