Community Member Resources

We are often asked by community members about how to outreach to one or more of our student organzitions to seek volunteers, share employment opportunities, etc. To contact a student organization:

  1. Go to the Finding a Group Page
  2. If you already know the organization you are interested in outreaching to, type their name in the search bar. If you do not have a specific club, you can search by keywords and/or check out the clubs under each specific category.
  3. When the club name appears, click on the name and a brief club profile will appear which includes the contact information for the club.

Note: Our office will not provide more information than what can be found on the club profiles in order to protect our student's personal information.

Sacramento State supports and promotes freedom of expression and assembly by students, faculty, staff, and the general public. The campus is interested in increasing the likelihood that such expressions and assemblies take place in a safe manner that preserves the rights of those participating in the activities as well as those impacted by them. For more information, please visit the Student Activism Protocol page.

Time, Place & Manner Restrictions on Speech and Speech-Related ActivitiesThis policy concerns the time, place, and manner restrictions for freedom of expression activities, commercial transactions and solicitation, non-commercial transactions and solicitation, amplified sound, and posting or chalking, including the distribution of handbills and circulars at Sacramento State.