PEAK Adventures Challenge Center Ropes Course

Peak Adventures Challenge Center
Challenge yourself… empower the team!

Programs at the Peak Adventures Challenge Center give you the opportunity to test your communication, integrity, trust, and leadership skills using icebreakers, energizers, team challenges, and climbing elements to build team cohesion and achieve greater results in your organization. Challenge Center programs are custom designed to meet your goals and can accommodate groups from 8 to 60 people.

Please call Peak Adventures at (916) 278-6321 or visit us at for more information or to schedule your organization’s Challenge Center program. For more information on booking Challenge Center Programs click here.

You can find more information on booking custom trips for student organizations here

WELL BUILD: Teambuilding… WELL Style
Bring your group to new heights!

Is your group or organization looking for something exciting to create cohesion and teamwork? Want to start your meeting off at The WELL with some energy and excitement? The WELL offers programs that incorporate fun team challenges, games, use of the climbing wall, and other initiatives that will add a new dimension to your overall experience. WELL BUILD sessions range from a 20 minute warm up or break to a 3-hour teambuilding program.

Please call Kenny Williams at (916) 278-1784 or email for more information or to schedule your organization’s WELL Build program.