Our Graduate Program

The Master of Arts Program in Sociology is designed to provide a broad academic foundation for a variety of professional opportunities and community needs such as survey research, evaluation research, social problems analysis, career interest in community organizations, and teaching.

The program offers small seminars and allows for close student-faculty contact.  The program encourages students to seek internships, fieldwork, and participant observation experience among the many government, voluntary, and private agencies in the Sacramento area.  Students concentrate on theory and research methods as well as areas of specialization.  Following course work, students write a thesis based on original research.

Some graduates of the program enter Ph.D. programs at a variety of universities throughout the United States and others are employed in many state, local, and city government agencies, nonprofits, and private businesses doing evaluation research, systems analysis, social problems analysis, and social impact assessment.

If you are interested in our Graduate Program, please visit the following links.

Fall 2019 - Admission Guidelines

Graduate Program - University Catalog

To apply for Fall 2018, please visit https://www2.calstate.edu/apply.  (Applications will open on October 1.)

2018 Sociology Graduate Program Handbook

Supplemental documents should be submitted through the following link: Supplmental Document Submission

For current graduate students, the following deadlines apply:

October 1:  Application for graduation deadline; advancement to candidacy deadline

December 5:  Deadline to submit thesis

Thesis Format Workshops conducted by Graduate Studies: