Human Subjects Guidelines

The University Human Subjects Committee is meant to facilitate the protection of human research subjects in student research. The policy of the University is that any activity involving human subjects with the goal of generalizing (disseminating) the findings (for the definition of research [link to separate page]) must be reviewed by a Committee for the Projection of Human Subjects. To review University IRB policies, especially in regards to issues of risk, please visit their web page. The University IRB answers your frequently asked questions about human subjects research. 

What studies need to be reviewed? The short answer is that all research involving human subjects (including Master's Theses and course-based research in which students interact with participants and intend to disseminate the research beyond the class) should be reviewed. When in doubt, fill out the form below! However, research conducted by students within an established CSUS course and in which the only dissemination of the results are within the same course does not need to be reviewed. It is suggested that any potentially high risk research, as determined by the faculty member overseeing the course, should submit an application to the University Human Subjects Research Committee for consideration, as to give it a second set of eyes. It is ultimately the responsibility of the course instructor to be sure that appropriate research procedures are followed in all cases in which data is being gathered. 

What is considered research?

Consent: All student research involving human subjects (including course research) should use a consent form. Below, there is a template for in-person research and one for online research. Edit these to fit your specific study.

Exempt Approval: For any student-based research that involves human subjects for which there is the intention for dissemination outside of the class (including Masters Theses), the University committee can approve "exempt" proposals. To review University IRB policies, especially in regards to issues of risk, please visit their web page.


Students must complete the official IRB form:  IRB Form.

Be certain to answer every question completely. Send all forms directly to Leah Vargas.


Leah Vargas

Research Integrity and Compliance Officer


Phone: 916-278-5674