Centers & Institutes

The College of Social Sciences an Interdisciplinary Studies has a long history of involvement in social policy-oriented scholarship and instruction. That history, and the College's current roster of talented researchers and instructors, has placed SSIS at the forefront of the University's efforts to diverse community needs, consistent with the stated values of the University’s strategic plan. Many of these efforts are channeled through centers and institutes that are under the College’s purview. Such centers include the following.

Archaeological Research Center: The principal focus of this Center is to facilitate faculty and student research via funding obtained from contracts and grants. The Center brings together considerable individual and team expertise in the management of cultural resources throughout California and the western Great Basin.

Center for Pacific Asian Studies: The program in Pacific Asian Studies is administered through the Center for Pacific Asian Studies. The Center is composed of designated faculty in several departments. The Program Committee, comprised of the Major and Minor Advisors for each Concentration and the Director of the Center, oversees the Pacific Asian Studies Program. The Center also serves to support and facilitate various university activities related to furthering our understanding of the Pacific Asian region: faculty research, sponsoring summer training institutes, travel and residential programs in Pacific Asia, seminars for faculty, students and the community, and establishing collaborative links with institutions and community groups.

Education Insights (EdInsights) Center: The mission of the Education Insights Center (EdInsights) is to support postsecondary readiness and success for traditionally underserved students. We work within and across high schools, community colleges, and public  universities, focused on improving both policy and practice. We use three main strategies to support our mission: 1) we build evidence through applied research and evaluation, 2) we use evidence to assist with effective policy implementation to support student-focused reform efforts, and 3) we help build capacity and infrastructure to use evidence to support student success.

Iranian and Middle Eastern Studies Center: The mission of the Iranian and Middle Eastern Studies Center (IMESC) is to foster within the Greater Sacramento & Northern California region a better understanding of the peoples, culture and politics of Iran and the Middle East. The Center pursues this mission by promoting and supporting social and cultural events, forums, workshops, research and courses, as well as collaborative relationships with similar centers in the US and abroad.

Institute for Social Research: The Institute for Social Research is a multidisciplinary institute that is committed to advancing the understanding of the social world through applied research. The Institute offers research expertise and related technical assistance needed to develop solutions to problems facing society. It serves as a resource for agencies, organizations, the University and the broader community.