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Charge: The SSIS Curriculum Committee consists of five faculty members elected for staggered three year terms by vote of the College faculty (see membership information below). Additionally, the Associate Dean attends Committee meetings and serves in an advisory capacity.

The Committee is charged with reviewing course and program proposals (e.g., establishing a new undergraduate major, modifying an existing major, establishing a new graduate level certificate) initiated within the College. The Committee conducts its appraisals in accordance with the University Policy Manual. Items approved by the Committee are subject to father review by the Faculty Senate's Curriculum Subcommittee and generally must be posted to the Academic Affairs website. Additionally, new program proposals must also go before the full Faculty Senate (although generally on the "consent calendar"). The President has ultimate authority to approve course/program proposals. However, this responsibility may be delegated to Academic Affairs.

Traditionally the SSIS Curriculum Committee has focused on three main goals in considering course and program proposals. First, the Committee has attempted to ensure that adequate consultation has occurred when a proposal crosses disciplinary boundaries, in accordance with the Faculty Council's "Guidelines for Consultation and Dispute Resolution Regarding New Course Proposals" (see link below). In an effort to promote consultation, the Committee has required that proposals be posted on the Committee's list serve (overseen by Heather Mummaw), required that new course proposals include the Course Approval Information Form (see link below), and required that written documentation of the correspondence of the consultation is submitted with new course proposals. Second, the Committee has made an effort to ensure that proposals meet common, minimal academic norms. For example, new course proposals are expected to include a draft syllabus that meets widely shared standards. Third, the Committee has attempted to promote adherence to University norms for proposal presentation, such as specifying prerequisites, detailing learning objectives, and indicating how such objectives are linked to methods of evaluating students. The Committee works hard to ensure accuracy as much of the information contained on Course and Program Proposals (Forms A and B) serves as catalog copy in print and on-line, and thus is binding for the University and students.

In general the Committee has attempted to resolve concerns through consultation and discussion, recognizing that academic units have primary responsibility for determining the content of their programs. It is common for the Committee to work informally with departments to ensure that proposals are acceptable.

Schedule of Committee Meetings

Deadlines for Proposal Submission

Minutes 2017-18:


September 5, 2018
September 19, 2018
October 3, 2018
October 17, 2018
November 7, 2018



Committee Membership
Member Department Term Contact Info
Megan Heinicke Psychology Spring 2019 ONLY Office: AMD 357D
Phone: 278-7592
Tristan Josephson, Chair Women's Studies Fall 2016 - Spring 2019 Office: AMD 561B
Phone: 278-6817
Mical Shilts Family & Consumer Sciences Fall 2017 - Spring 2019 Office: MRP 3033
Phone: 278-4288
Andrea Moore Ethnic Studies Fall 2017 - Spring 2020 Office: AMD 462B
Phone: 278-6344
Ajay Singh Environmental Studies Fall 2017 - Spring 2020 Office: AMD 554A
Phone: 278-6620
Marya Endriga, Ex-officio Dean's Office N/A Office: AMD 255
Phone: 278-6504
Heather Mummaw, Administrative Support Dean's Office N/A Office: AMD 255
Phone: 278-6411

Course/Program Proposal Forms & Related Documents:

Course & Program Proposal Forms (Form A & Form B)
Curriculum Flow Chart
SSIS Course & Program Submission Checklist
SSIS Course Approval Info Form - best used in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome
Example of Completed Form A (coming soon!)
Example of Completed Form B (coming soon!)
Instructions for posting to the listserv
Curriculum Dispute Policy
Nonsubstantive vs Substantive Program Changes