Travel Tips

The Pathways Fellows and Associates are the representation of the CSU, Sacramento. As such, they must always conduct themselves in a professional manner. Keep the following traveling tips in mind when you make plans to travel: 

Travel Tips

When traveling to attend professional conferences you must:
  •   Ask about the various events scheduled and be prepared to dress accordingly.
  •   Be punctual.
  •   Seek the guidance of your mentor, the program staff and senior McNair Scholars.
  •   Take along business cards available in the McNair Office.
  •   Save all your receipts including the back page of your airline ticket and hotel receipt.
  •   Save a copy of the conference program (seek your mentor's help to schedule specific sessions or speakers before you leave for the conference).
  •   Be ready to discuss your traveling experiences with your peers.
  •   Attend all scheduled conference sessions and meetings. Sightseeing time may be given to you as part of your overall educational experience.
  •   Give yourself the opportunity to network and establish contact with professionals in your field, faculty, administrators, fellow students, and staff from participating institutions.
  • Collect brochures, business cards, conference programs, and any other information made available by professional organizations, participating institutions, and/or others interested in your research topic. 

Tips on Professional Dressing

When students are requested to dress professionally for a conference or class activity, the following guidelines should be observed.


  •   A shirt with a collar should be worn. A t-shirt under a baggy sweater does not constitute a professional look, even though it is very stylish right now.

  •   Ties are a must, and a suit coat for presentations. Ties should be tightened properly.

  •   Please remove the labels sewn on the outside of the suit coat sleeve. These are meant to identify the manufacturer at the time of purchase, but should be removed before wearing. Also, clip the stitching that holds the back vent closed.

  •   Remove all earrings and body piercing jewelry.

  •   Do not stand with one or both hands in your pockets. It’s sloppy looking, and makes you look nervous.


  •   A skirt is recommended, again, because it conveys professionalism much better than slacks. Skirts should be no more than 2” above the knee, and not much longer than mid-calf.

  •   Wear no more than one earring per ear, and remove all body piercing jewelry.

  •   I know that “tight is in,” but it is most unprofessional, and usually very unflattering, as well. Please avoid tight clothing.

  •   Remember the guidelines: clothing should not be too tight, too sloppy, nor show too much skin. (In business, any skin between the neck and just above the knee may be too much.) Clothing that is at all “clingy” or sheer requires appropriate and modest lingerie underneath.

    Ladies and Gentlemen: 

All clothing should be pressed, so that it is free of wrinkles. If you don’t own an iron, I recommend buying (and using) one...It is an essential item for the business professional. Shirts should be tucked in. Dressy khaki pants are fine for a “business casual” look, but “cargo” or “painter” pants are not. Also, remember a belt is required if there are belt loops. The exception is when men wear braces (suspenders). Then, they substitute for the belt. Belts and braces are never worn together.

The best colors for a professional business suit are navy or charcoal gray. Ladies may wear a black suit. Men should save their black suits for weddings, funerals, and formal dinners. Shirts and blouses should be white or cream. Pale blue may sometimes be worn, as well. Use excellent posture, too. Stand up straight to look, feel, and sound your best. Don’t wiggle, jiggle, giggle, or dance. 


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