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The Project for an Informed Electorate organizes public events which are designed to help citizens delve into a range of topics related to politics and government. Related programs put on by other organizations are also listed here. Check this page often, as new events will be added as they are planned. All events are free and open to the general public.

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Women and Politics: Past, Present, and Future

Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 1:30-2:45 PM and 3-4:15 PM

Hinde Auditorium, University Union

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Past Events

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A Californian's Guide to the Immigration Debate: Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Sure, immigration has been a significant issue in recent years, but aren't most of us at least a little bit confused about what DACA is exactly, and how DREAMer status works?  who qualifies as a refugee and what happnes once they get here? Sanctuary cities? Join us as our panel of experts explian the debate and ansewr your questions. 


BBC News US Mid-Term Election Special - Live Updates and Reactions  November 6, 2018

PIE Director and Sacramento State Political Science Department Professor Kim Nalder joins the BBC World Service for their Mid-Term Election Special.  Click here to listen to the segment!


Fake News and Viral Deception Busting: A Toolbox:  October 24, 2018

How did we get here?  What cognitive biases make us susceptible to false news, and how can we best equip ourselves to spot and resist highly coordinated information attacks on our democracy? Join Sacramento State Professor and textbook author Kim Nalder for a conversation about the dangers of fake news and disinformation. Learn the tools you need to avoid falling victim.

Fake News Event 2018  Crowd at the Fake News Event 2018

Location: Sacramento State University Union, Hinde Auditorium

#MeToo, California, and the Year of the Woman 2.0: October 17, 2018

 Join us for a timely and lively conversation about the impact of #MeToo and #WeSaidEnough on California, including implications for the Year of the Woman 2.0.  Panelists include CALmatters reporter Laurel Rosenhall; first time candidate Jaclyn Moreno; lobbyist and leader of the We Said Enough campaign, Samantha Corbin; Deputy Secretary of Legislation at California BCSH and Chair of the California Capitol Black Staff Association, Shannon McKinley; and Sacramento State Political Science Department Professors Danielle Martin and Kim Nalder. Click here to watch the event video for this event!

MeToo Event Screen Grab

Location: Sacramento State Downtown, 304 S Street, Sacramento, CA

Confronting Myths About Homelessness: An Evidence Based Discussion:  October 9, 2018

An expert panel will discuss and dispell some of the most common myths and misperceptions about homelessness in California.  Researchers will present recent data collected on homelessness in Sacramento and highlight trends relevant to policy efforts and upcoming ballot initiatives that address this growing social issue. Click here to watch this event!

Location: Sacramento State Downtown, 304 S Street, Sacramento, CA

2018 California Ballot Measure Explainer with the Legislative Analyst's Office:  October 2, 2018

Join experts from the Legislative Analyst's Office and Sacramento State Political Science Department Professor/PIE Director Kim Nalder as they demystify the 2018 ballot initiatives.  Presented by the Project for an Informed Electorate and the Sacramento Pubilc Library.  Click here to watch this event and learn about each specific ballot measure!


Location:  Sacramento Central Public Library, Tsakopoulos Galleria, 828 I St. Sacramento, CA


One Person, No Vote? Issues of Voter Suppression and Representation:  September 27th, 2018

A timely panel discussion featuring Sacramento State Political Science Department Professors Chris Towler and Kristina Victor focused on the issues of voter suppression, citizenship, and political representation.  Click here for voter information in all 50 states!


Location: Sacramento State's University Union, Hinde Auditorium, Noon - 1:30 PM



Lets Talk about Fake News: November 19, 2017

A panel discussion on navigating the current information environment and getting to the truth with guidance from political and journalistic experts, including: ABC 10's Lilia Luciano, Capital Public Radio's PolitiFact Reporter Chris Nichols, and PIE Director Kim Nalder. This event was sponsored by the Project for an Informed Electorate and the Sacramento Library. Watch the event 

Panel (Left to Right): Chris Nichols, Lilia Luciano, Kim Nalder, and Moderator.

Location: Central Library, Tsakopoulos Library Galleria - Sacramento, California, 1:00pm - 2:30pm.

Streaming will be available soon.

Fifth Annual Constitution Bowl: November 07, 2017

Team Lady Hornets took this year's win with first place. Second place was awarded to the College Democrats, and the Hornet Republicans took third place. Co-sponsored by the Center for California Studies.

Location: Sacramento State's University Union, Redwood Room, 12:00pm - 1:30pm.


Crooked, Bought, or Proper? Ethics in Campaign 2016: November 15, 2016 

How did money, ethics, and politics come together this election cycle? Join us for a discussion with Philip Ung from the Fair Political Practices Commission and Political Scientist and money in politics expert, Stacy Gordon Fisher, to recap this extraordinary election cycle. Watch here! 

Exclusive CalSpeaks Election Poll Results Presentation: October 26, 2016

What do Californians think about the election? How will they vote? Who believes what? Sacramento State's own original statewide poll results presented by CALSPEAKS Director David Barker and CALSPEAKS Political Director Kim Nalder. Location: Sacramento State's University Union, Hinde Auditorium, 12:00pm - 1:00pm.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 here! 

Election Result Forecasting with the Sac State Experts: October 20, 2016  

The Project for an Informed Electorate, the Institute for Social Research, and the Hornets Policy and Politics Alumni will host a non-partisan elections predictions panel focused on forecasting the 2016 General Election. Featuring ISR Director David Barker, Matt Lesenyie of UC Davis, and the latest CALSPEAKS Poll data! Lunch provided! Watch here.

Location: 914 Capitol Mall, Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building, California State Library Meeting Room (Room 500), 12:00pm - 1:00pm.

Third Presidential Debate Viewing: October 19, 2016

The last debate before the election! Watch live with us as the race for the White House winds up! Come early for pizza and to fill out our survey. Stay for the discussion. Featured on Fox 40 and Univision

Location: Sacramento State's Del Norte Hall 1004, 5:30pm - 8:00pm.

Campaigning While Female: The Case of the Clinton Campaign: October 11, 2016

Talk given by  gender and politics expert, Dr. Meredith Conroy of CSUSB.

Location: Sacramento State's University Union, Forest Suite, 1:30pm - 2:30pm.

Encore presentation: 6:30pm at Arden-Dimick Public Library, 891 Watt Ave., Sacramento

Initiatives Demystified with LAO Experts: September 28, 2016

What's the potential impact of this fall's ballot measures on CA? What do you really need to know before you cast your vote? Join us as the Legislative Analyst's Office experts (who write the official ballot pamphlet) explain the initiatives, and PIE gives you the details on endorsements and helps you follow the money. Refreshments will be provided! Watch here!

First Presidential Debate Viewing: September 26, 2016

Clinton and Trump debate head-on for the first time! Watch live with your friends at PIE! Come early to complete our survey and to get pizza. Stay for what promises to be a fascinating discussion. 

When Did American Politics Go Insane? September 21, 2016

Talk given by Les Francis, Deputy Chief of Staff for President Carter. Watch here!

Fourth Annual Constitution Bowl: September 14, 2016

Won by Team Stockton with 23 points. Watch the full event hereFlyer here.

Constitution and Civic Engagement Week 2016: September 12-29, 2016

Constitution and Civic Engagement Week "Constitution Matters-Raise Your Voice!" Celebrate the signing of the constitution by participating in Constitution and Civic Engagement Week at Sac State. The week is filled with University sponsored events including PIE's Constitution Bowl! For more information click here

Politifact California: February 10, 2016

Politifact California reporter Chris Nicholas of Capital Public Radio presents, "A Citizen's Guide to Truth (or not) in Politics"


Third Annual Constitution Bowl: September 16, 2015

A serious competition for 2015. First place was awarded to Team Scorpions after an intense test of their constitutional knowledge!


Virtue In Politics: November 3, 2014 

Hosted by the Center for Practical and Professional Ethics, this day-long symposium discusses the role of virtue in politics. Kim Nalder leads talk on political cynicism and serves as panelist for discussions on voting, ethics, and capitalism. Watch here

Initiative Explainer: October 21, 2014

Click here to watch the full event, or watch individual explanations. Transcript included. 

PIE on Capital Public Radio, Brown Runs Campaign Ad for Propositions: October 9, 2014 

PIE's Kim Nalder consulted regarding Jerry Brown's campaign ads for propositions, and lack there of for his 2014 re-election campaign. Listen here

Second Annual Constitution Bowl: September 17, 2014

First place awarded to Team MPAA, second place awarded to Team Tiger, and last years champs, the College Republicans awarded third place. Co-sponsored by Center for California Studies. 


Is Increased Political Participation Always a Good Thing?, Sacramento American Society for Public Administration: February 7, 2013

 Sac State's ISR and PIE co-sponsor this event discussing their study on citizen knowledge of municipal budgeting. Flyer here

2003 Gubernatorial Recall 10 Year Anniversary:  November 21, 2013 

A screening of the film "Born to Run" documenting the struggles of the "other" candidates in the recall.  After the film, Prof. Molly Dugan will moderate a discussion with the filmmakers Jayson Haedrich and Robbie Stauder, and several of the candidates themselves.  The film and discussion will shed light on the power of the media in campaigns, and the limits of political equality. 

Film Available on reserve at CSUS library.

Is What You "Know" Wrong?: Californian's Political Misinformation, University of California Center, Sacramento: November 7, 2013

Talk given by Prof. Nalder. 

Ignorance Isn't Bliss, California Forward: October 28, 2013

What do you know about government spending? What you don't know CAN hurt you. PIE study on citizen knowledge of municipal budgeting featured in this article 

PIE on Latino USA on NPR: October 18, 2013  Listen here.

A discussion on the demographic changes in California, and what they mean for politics.

PIE on Capital Public Radio's Insight: Structural Problems in Congress: October 17, 2013 Listen Here

PIE's Kim Nalder is consulted regarding the 2013 Government shutdown.  

Annual Constitution Bowl: September 2013

Won by the College Republicans, with the bonus round won by the College Democrats.  Co-sponsored with the Center for California Studies.

"The Fiscal Dangers of Misinformed Local Public Engagement": June 5, 2013

The Center for California Studies put on this conference, funded by CDIAC.  PIE Director Kim Nalder and ISR Director David Barker  presented fresh poll results.  Details here. 

"Speed Bumps on the Road to China's Modernization": March 20, 2013

An informed electorate needs to understand foreign affairs as well as domestic. This one should be fascinating and informative.  Dr. James Rae has recently returned from a fullbright year plus in China.  He will describe the social transformations he has witnessed over his 12 years of visiting China. He will emphasize how the role of the family, the nature of the educational system, and the business environment impact the political culture and economic system. Powerpoint here.

"The Jeff Lustig Symposium": May 2, 2013 

The Sacramento State Government Department and the Center for California Studies will host a Jeff Lustig Symposium to honor our colleague who passed away in June 2012. Short talks by distinguished speakers will address the themes of Jeff’s work, focusing on California political ideas, history, and culture. There will also be a reception with drinks and appetizers. The event will be free and open to the public. 

Confirmed speakers include: Richard Walker (Professor of Geography, Emeritus, UC Berkeley), Pia Lopez (Associate Editor, Sacramento Bee), Charles Postel (Professor of History, San Francisco State University), William A. Dorman (Professor of Government, Emeritus, Sacramento State), John Syer (Professor of Government, Emeritus, Sacramento State), Steve Lustig, (Associate Vice Chancellor Emeritus, UC Berkeley, and Jeff Lustig’s brother).


Misinformation in American Politics: September 18, 2012

Stream it online.  

Lecture and discussion of the problem of misinformation in the electorate - when citizens believe political "facts" that are not true.  What are the patterns, explanations, and possible solutions? Original research on California will be presented, along with examples from the 2012 campaign.

Presidential Debate Viewing: October 3, 2012

See the reactlabs results here.

Over 130 people showed up to watch the first debate between President Obama and Governor Romney together!  We polled the audience before and after, and had an open post-debate discussion with political scientists there to comment and moderate. 

VP Debate Viewing: October 11, 2012

See the React Labs results here.

Watch the Vice Presidential debate between VP Joe Biden and Representative Paul Ryan.  We will poll the audience before and after, and have an open post-debate discussion with political scientists there to comment and  moderate.  We will provide pizza!

Initiative Explainer (Campus Version): October 15, 2012 

Streaming video here.

A panel of non-partisan experts, (including Stacy Gordon Fisher, Political Science Professor at UNR and visiting scholar at the Center for California Studies, Kim Nalder, PIE Director, and Center for California Studies Director Steve Boilard) unpack the 2012 CA initiatives, including pros and cons, campaign finance, endorsements, etc.  Bring your sample ballot and figure out how you are going to vote!

Initiative Explainer (Community Version): October 17, 2012

Sacramento Public Library aired on Access Sacramento Cable.

A panel of non-partisan experts, (including Nick Robinson, head of the Institute for Governmental Studies library at UC Berkeley, Philip Ung of California Common Cause, and Kim Nalder, Director of the PIE) unpack the 2012 CA initiatives, including pros and cons, campaign finance, endorsements, etc.  Bring your sample ballot and figure out how you are going to vote!

"Obama Vs. Romney 2012: Who Will Win, and What Will it Mean?": October 24, 2012 

Professor David Barker of the University of Pittsburgh and incoming ISR director will discuss the ins and outs of presidential contests, forecasting the outcome based on the scientific literature surrounding electoral politics. He will also discuss what to expect over the next four years. He says that models based on fundamentals predict a slim Obama victory, but that a second Obama term wouldn't accomplish much, because of congressional gridlock.

Assessing the 2012 Election: One week out November 13, 2012

Stream it here.

A panel of experts will take a look back at the 2012 election.  What impact did new campaign finance rules make?  What strategies worked?  What do the results mean for the state and the country?  Come for a lively discussion.  Prof. Wesley Hussey will cover rules of the game (top-two primary, redistricting) and national results, CCS Director Steve Boilard will cover the CA initiatives and CA races, Prof. David Andersen will discuss foreign policy impacts, and Prof. Stacy Gordon Fisher of UNR and a visiting scholar at the CCS will discuss campaign finance changes.  Don't miss this outstanding panel!

Election Polls: A Conversation with Mark DiCamillo: November 15, 2012 

Powerpoints here.

Mark DiCamillo, director of the prominent CA statewide Field Poll will report pre-election polls and compare them to the election results.  Mr. DiCamillo will be in conversation with political scientists on topics such as polling methodology, accuracy, and the impact of polls on elections.