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Swiftboat Veterans 04 Bush Refutation


Sarah Silverman voter suppression 2012 (viewer warning)

Romney Dear Daughter 2012

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Obama Girl 2008

Yes We Can 2008

Rebuttal and Internet

Willie Horton National Security PAC 1988

Rebuttal by Dukakis 1988


Yes on 8 2008

Rebuttal online 2008


Romney Jeep Ad 2012

Storm Nom 2008

Parody 2008


1976 Mary Tyler Moore on women's issues

Linda McMahon 2010 "Oh yeah"

Clinton There For You 2008


Clinton 3 AM 2008

Pamela Gorman 2010

Planned Parenthood on McCain 2008

National Guard (walks tough/ compasionate line) Clinton 2008


I'm not a witch O'Donnell 2010

I'm not a witch parody SNL

Fiorina's Demon Sheep Ad 2010 primary


Fiorina neg on Boxer 2010

Boxer successful ad 2010

Vote Diffrent Anti-Clinton Obama ad parody of Apple 1984


Top Secret America

American in Primetime: The Independent Woman

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Luntz words to never say



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Bernie Saunders on consolidation



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Stimson's Mood to 2012 


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Red vs. Blue

2012 electoral and more detailed results maps

Patchwork Nation

Pew: Beyond Red and Blue Political Typology

Polarization in the Senate 75-12

Protests in Hong Kong



United States of Secrets NSA

Chomsky on Propaganda