PIE Fact Check Partnership w/KCRA andCapital Public Radio

Project for an Informed Electorate has formed a partnership with KCRA 3 television and Capital Public Radio to serve the community by providing fact checks on campaign advertising for election season.  Each advertisement is evaluated by three independent experts from the Sacramento State University faculty.  Each ad is assigned a grade in a number of categories, the most important, of course, being truthfulness.  Those scores are averaged to produced an overall grade for the ad in each category.  Each of the following links includes text from each expert explaining their reasoning, the grades, and a link to the news stories expertly produced by our media partners.  Capital Public Radio's Insight did a segment on our ad watch project this cycle, focusing on the brutal Bera/ Ose race, and Measure L.

The ad watches:

Trusted Information

  1. A centralized source for viewing campaign ads on initiatives is at californiachoices.org  Go to "ballot measures" and then under each one, "multimedia".