Voter Information

Initiative Information: 2016

Watch our non-partisan initiative explainer with the LAO! An explanation of each proposition in video and audio format! 

Fall Initiative Explainer 2016 (plays as slideshow - individual measures on the right)

Prop. 51, School Bond

Prop. 52, Hospital Fees

Prop. 53, Revenue Bonds

Prop. 54, Legislative Procedures

Prop. 55, Tax Extension

Prop. 56, Cigarette Tax

Prop. 57, Criminal Sentencing

Prop. 58, Bi-lingual Education

Prop. 59, Advisory on Campaign Finance

Prop. 60, Adult Films

Prop. 61, Prescription Drugs

Prop. 62 and 66, Death Penalty Repeal, or Death Penalty Speed-up

Prop. 63, Ammunition and Firearms

Prop. 64. Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Prop. 65 and 67, Plastic Bags

Other resources for more study:

The CA Secretary of State's Website

Voter's Edge Lets you type in your address to see your particular ballot, voting location, and trustworthy info on all the ballot measures (even local ones). Also good info on candiates.  Joint venture of the League of Women Voters and Maplight.

A nice breakdown, including the endorsements from newspapers and other organizations, is done by California Choices, a joint venture of UCB and Next10, which has an easy graphic interface (click on "Ballot Measures" at the top).

Ballotopedia has a clear explanation of the measures, complete with supporters, opposition, donors, polls, and lots of description.

The California Legislative Analyst's Office works for the legislature in a non-partisan policy analyst role.  They produce analyses of ballot measures' potential impact.

CalMatters has a simple guide to all 17 initiatives. Easy to read, and simple to follow the money! Check it out here!

Maplight has clean, user-friendly content including the polls, donors, and impact.  Non-partisan.

Register to Vote!

If you have never registered before, or if you have moved since you last voted, you need to register to vote.

Ideology and Party Match

If you are new to voting or just want to see how you match up, here are some resources to help you figure out where you are ideologically, and which party matches best with your values.

  • The non-partisan Pew Research Center for the People and the Press has a political party quiz, which will match your beliefs with a political party.
  • Which states have the most Republicans, and which have the most Democrats?  Slate and New America Foundation have a map.

Basics on the Candidates

  • Compare 2016 candidates on issue stance, experience, and more!
  • Voters Edge provides information on candidates including funding, and contact info!

See the PIE Elections Page for more election-related content!