SSWD Reporting Concerns/Comments Form

Comments and questions about SSWD procedures, services, course accommodations, or testing accommodations are appreciated. SSWD welcomes any suggestions for improvement of services and feedback to better assist students. Please feel free to tell us about the problem, suggestion, concern or praise by completing the form below, by visiting our office (Lassen 1008), or by contacting us at (916) 278-6955 or Services to Students with Disabilities will respond to your concern as quickly as possible. If your concern is related to building concerns (e.g. broken doors, elevators, etc.) you may complete the Facilities Services Request Form.

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How to report a concern:

  1. After you report your concern to SSWD, if a solution cannot be agreed upon, you may request a meeting with the individual’s supervisor or head of the SSWD department, 1008 Lassen Hall, (916) 278-6955.
  2. You may informally or formally file an accommodations complaint through the Academic Program Access for Students with Disabilities Conflict Resolution process  by contacting the Office of Human Resources, Equal Opportunity, 3001 Del Norte Hall, (916) 278-5770. As noted in the Academic Program Access policy, students also have the right to file a formal complaint of discrimination directly with the Office for Civil Rights or other appropriate federal or state departments in lieu of or in addition to using University procedures.  If a complaint is filed all current accommodations continue during that process without interruption and retaliation for filing a complaint is prohibited.

Please inform SSWD at if you encounter any problems accessing the SSWD web site.