On-Campus Housing Accommodation Requests

For ADA/504 accommodations, the following guidelines have been established to accommodate students who have special disability-related needs that would impact their on-campus housing in terms of access.

The request for housing accommodations is related to the functional limitations associated with a disability and the relationship of the accommodation to access. Requests will be carefully considered on a case-by-case basis and reviewed based on the documented impact, the availability of the requested housing arrangements, and the respective needs of all applicants. Requests that are not approved as essential for access will remain in consideration as a preference request in housing.

Documentation of disability will be reviewed by a committee of appropriate professional staff in SSWD who will consult with Housing staff regarding the requested accommodations. Documentation submitted for housing accommodation requests will be retained in SSWD in secure files per FERPA regulations and CSU guidelines and only used to determine housing accommodations.

Procedure to request housing accommodations:

  1. Complete the regular housing application and be sure to adhere to all housing deadlines and requirements. For additional information visit the Housing and Residential Life website at www.csus.edu/housing
  2. Complete and submit the Support Services Application to SSWD. https://www.csus.edu/sswd/ApplicationProcess-Forms.html
  3. Complete and submit the Request for Disability Accommodation in Housing form to SSWD by April 13, 2018 for priority consideration.  
  4. Give the professional verification form to your treating health care provider for them to complete and submit to SSWD by April 13, 2018 for priority consideration. 
  5. Accommodation requests will not be reviewed by SSWD until the student and qualified professional have both submitted all requested information to the SSWD office. Students may contact SSWD with questions regarding the process to request housing accommodations. Questions related to housing deadlines, fees, requirements for an application to be considered complete, etc. should be directed to Housing and Residential Life.
  6. The student Request for Disability Accommodations in Housing form must be completed each year. New disability documentation is not required every year unless an update is needed. To clarify requirements, contact SSWD at sswd@csus.edu with “Housing Accommodation “in the subject line.
  7. Housing accommodation decisions can be appealed using the housing accommodation appeal form within 10 business days of your notification. 
  8. Please have Licensed practitioner fill out the ESA Form.

Students who request housing accommodations are not required to also apply for academic accommodations. However, we encourage students to do so if they feel their disability will impact them in the academic environment. Housing application deadlines do not apply to SSWD academic accommodations. Students can register at any time for academically related accommodations and services from SSWD although accommodations are not retroactive. Additional information and an individual accommodation plan will be needed before classroom/academic accommodations can be provided. Academic accommodations are implemented in an individual meeting with a Learning Disability Specialist/Disability Management Counselor in Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD).

Please contact sswd@csus.edu if you encounter any problems accessing the SSWD web site or need to request this information in alternate formats.