Services & Accommodations

Academic accommodations and services are determined based on individual documented needs of each student with the intention of promoting maximum student independence on campus and are based on individual documented needs. Services may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Arrangements for specialized educational materials
  2. Assistance regarding the admissions process
  3. Academic advising/course selection assistance referrals
  4. Adaptive Equipment
  5. Architectural barrier identification and removal
  6. Campus/new student supplementary transition assistance
  7. Campus-wide tutoring information referral
  8. Career development and guidance referrals
  9. Consultation with faculty for students with special academic needs
  10. Counseling: academic, personal, vocational
  11. Curriculum modification
  12. Disability management advising/counseling
  13. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) referrals
  14. Financial/economic literacy information referrals
  15. Financial aid advising/scholarship information referrals
  16. General information and referral for community services
  17. Graduate and professional program assistance and information referrals
  18. High Tech Center, adaptive computer training
  19. Housing assistance and information
  20. Informational referral
  21. Legislative updates
  22. Library assistance
  23. Notetaker services
  24. Registration assistance, including limited priority registration
  25. Assistance in meeting quantitative reasoning and foreign language requirements
  26. English writing instruction
  27. Testing accommodation facilitations, including adapting test, proctoring, extended time, computer testing, etc.
  28. Limited academic and study skills tutoring services

Hearing and Speech

  1. Assistive Listening Devices
  2. Notetaker services
  3. Real-time captioning
  4. Sign Language/Oral Interpreters
  5. Telephone services for deaf (TDD and Relay)


  1. Accessibility Assistance
  2. Attendant referral
  3. Classroom rescheduling
  4. Notetaker services
  5. Transportation services: limited on-campus golf cart shuttle


  1. Braille transcription materials
  2. Large print and screen reader computer software
  3. Reader/notetaker services
  4. Alternative format book order referral
  5. Transcription services that provide braille and large print materials not available elsewhere
  6. Training in use of adaptive computer equipment


  1. Educational prescriptive service and limited post assessment of learning disability and abilities
  2. Learning and compensatory strategies training
  3. Notetaker/reader services
  4. Alternate format book order referral
  5. Limited academic tutorial services
  6. Training in use of adaptive computer equipment

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