Golf Cart Service

Revised 2015

SSWD has two electric golf carts, which are used during the spring and fall semesters only to provide rides between classes and designated pick-up points on inner campus roads.  New service hours, effective 8/31/15, for SSWD’s on-campus transportation program are Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m (except during final exam week; contact the office for other options).  These service hours are subject to change for Fall 2015. Service is limited to eligible students with disabilities who are currently enrolled and registered with SSWD. Please download a Cart Service application to review cart service rules and regulations and to request services. If you have any questions about the service, please feel free to call us at (916) 278-6955.

Golf Cart Service Policy (For Drivers)

Revised 2007

  1. All passengers and drivers are to use seat belts when cart is in motion. If student refuses to use seat belt, the student is not to be given rides.
  2. Whenever possible, do not drive the cart on sidewalks. Observe all regulations regarding appropriate routes for travelling on campus. The cart is always to be driven in direction of traffic. The cart is, in essence, a "state vehicle," and all rules of the road apply. The driver is to always carry his/her driver's license while operating the cart. If a driver breaks a driving law and is cited, the driver is held personally liable for the citation. Failure to comply is grounds for dismissal.
  3. Speeding is forbidden. There is never a reason to rush on the campus paths, especially when paths are crowded. Go with the flow of traffic. Carts are not to be driven so that pedestrians feel rushed from behind or harassed. Do not speed up to "make up for lost time." All precautions must be observed to assure the safety of the passengers as well as the pedestrians.
  4. Report all accidents immediately to the Office Manager, the Disability Management Counselor, or the Director. Insist that any person involved in the accident be seen by the Student Health Center immediately. Fill out appropriate forms within 48 hours of the accident. The following is a list of the forms that must be completed in case of a cart accident:
    1. State Standard Form 270 (Report of Vehicle Accident) - to be completed by driver. (A copy of the Police Accident Report can be submitted in lieu of this form.) This form is to be submitted to the Support Services Office.
    2. State Standard Form 274 (Review of State Driver Accident) - to be completed by supervisor of driver. This form is to be submitted to the Support Services Office.
    3. Environmental Health & Safety Form 1 (State Employee Accident/Injury Report) - to be completed in case of injury to driver. The driver is to complete this form with the assistance from his/her supervisor. This form is to be submitted to the Environmental Health & Safety Office, Facilities Services.
    4. "Accident Identification" card, STD 269 - to be completed by driver when another vehicle is involved. The cart driver should complete the first section, tear it off, and give it to the other driver. The remaining sections of the card should be completed at the accident.
  5. Inform all students that they can expect to be late if they ride the cart and that they need to inform their respective instructors of such limitations. Please note that SSWD can only provide golf cart transportation to campus students being served through SSWD.
  6. If there are too many rides in one ten-minute period which cause the drivers intense pressure, the Cart Scheduler and the Office Manager are to prioritize the ride requests.
  7. A presentation of Department of Motor Vehicle driving record printout is required prior to hiring all drivers. The drivers are not to have any moving violations or at-fault accidents in the last three (3) years prior to employment with SSWD. During their employment with SSWD, the drivers are to report to the Office Manager any subsequent moving violations or at-fault accidents that reflect on their driving records. An update of driving record is required annually thereafter.
  8. Drivers are to immediately report any cart equipment problems to the Office Manager. If the drivers are on rides and cart equipment problems occur, the drivers are to immediately call the Office Manager via a campus telephone for assistance.
  9. Drivers are not to report to work under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or any medications that impair their driving ability. Any violation of this rule is grounds for dismissal.
  10. Drivers are expected to be courteous at all times. They are not to engage in any negative verbal exchanges with the riders or pedestrians. Any incidents encountered while driving, no matter how insignificant, must be reported immediately to the Office Manager.
  11. There are to be no lengthy personal phone calls made or received during working hours, unless there is an emergency. Friends are not to visit during working hours. Conversations of a personal nature between drivers and staff are to be kept to a minimum.
  12. Drivers are to accurately record their work hours. If lunch is taken during work shifts, drivers are not paid for that lunch break. A 30-minute lunch break is allowed for every 5 consecutive work hour shifts.
  13. Whenever drivers are between runs, they are to check with the Office Manager to determine whether there are any office tasks to do. All assignments given to drivers by staff must be completed by timelines specified. If drivers have to go on rides before assignments are completed, they are expected to return to these assignments immediately upon returning to the office. The following is a list of regular weekly driver tasks:
    • General cleaning of golf carts (wipe down seats, windshields, mirrors, rain gear, etc.)
    • Checking battery water level and cleaning batteries, if necessary.
    • Sweeping, cleaning, and maintaining orderliness of Wheelchair Storage Room.
    • Monitoring and cleaning (removing debris) charging area at Corp Yard.
  14. Carts are to be locked up in the Corp Yard every afternoon before 4:30 p.m. and charged overnight.
  15. Drivers are to check every morning before rides begin for proper working condition of the carts' brakes, brake lights, turn signals, and windshield wipers, etc.
  16. In Corp Yard charging area, drivers must turn the toggle switch to "off" position when carts are not charging. Cords are not to be disconnected from the chargers. The combination of leaves, paper, and other debris is serious and highly dangerous around the electrical charging area. Keeping this area free of combustible material is critical.


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