Policies and Procedures for Student Employment

A. Hiring Policy

  1. Student employees, herein referred to as "employees," are hired after completion of an application, an interview, and the appropriate Human Resources/Payroll hiring forms.
  2. Employees, such as Student Assistants, Notetakers, Readers and specific tutors, must process a Student Personnel Transaction Form, by gaining approval of Admissions and Records or the Global Education office, and completing necessary payroll forms at the Sacramento State Payroll Office.  University Enterprises, Inc. employees, specifically Tutors, must submit a completed Employee Action Authorization form to the UEI and undergo an orientation.
  3. Student employees will receive hourly wages commensurate with their responsibilities and student employment levels.
  4. Student employees cannot be employed in more than one employment classification simultaneously (i.e. student assistant, graduate assistant, etc.) without prior approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.
  5. Employees must adhere to Time Report procedures and Payroll Calendar provided upon hiring.
  6. International Students holding F1 or J1 visas must secure approval of the International Programs Office in order to be eligible for student employment.
  7. Students enrolled in only College of Continuing Education, Open University, Intersession, and/or Summer Session programs are not eligible for student employment. However, exceptions are made for students enrolled in a jointly sponsored degree or credential program where courses are offered through the regular University or CCE.
  8. Student employees are covered by Workers' Compensation. However, they do not accrue sick leave, vacation credit, holiday pay, or unemployment benefits. Student employment is a temporary employment status within Sacramento State. Therefore, no state service credit is accrued.
  9. Student employees may be evaluated by their supervisors at the end of each semester using a Student Performance Report or a Support Services Evaluation Form.
  10. Continued employment beyond the semester is contingent upon the needs of the program, performance, availability of funds, G.P.A. (2.0 or better), and enrollment status (enrolled in a minimum of 6 units).
  11. SPECIAL NOTE FOR ASI STUDENT DRIVERS ONLYA current driving record printout from Department of Motor Vehicles is required prior to being hired by SSWD. This printout must not reflect any moving violations or at-fault accidents in the last three (3) years prior to employment. An update of driving record is required annually thereafter. Continued employment is contingent on maintaining a clean driving record.

B. Termination Policy & Confidentiality 

  1. All Student employees serve at the will of the university. Therefore, the university or the Student employees can, at any time, terminate the employment relationship at will, with or without cause. (See University Policy Manual - Student Employment Policy at www.csus.edu/umanual/hr/ums16280.htm). However, if the Student employees need to terminate their employment with SSWD, they must submit written notifications to their immediate supervisors at least ten working days in advance.
  2. All information relating to students served by the Services to Students with Disabilities office is confidential. This includes, but is not limited to, information regarding enrollment status and courses, grades and academic standing, student ID numbers, registration status with SSWD, the content of phone and letter contacts with our office, disability and medical information, the use of accommodations and services, and all letters sent to and received from students, faculty, and staff. Student employees will maintain strict confidentiality and understand that failure to do so is grounds for dismissal.
  3. Upon termination, Student employees must return all of the following to their immediate supervisors or other appropriate personnel in order to receive their final paychecks:
  4. All outstanding job-related work assignments (complete or incomplete) 
    • Any materials (including office and cart keys) or equipment that belong to the office 
    • Borrowed tape recorders or other media equipment must be returned to SSWD.
  5. Student employees are subject to similar regulations as those which exist for the regular work force regarding violations of department/school rules. Some of the reasons for termination are: poor performance, insubordination, excessive absenteeism, dishonesty, theft, substance abuse, misuse of University property, etc. Student employees may be disciplined accordingly. Should there be performance problems, Student employees shall be advised in the following manner:
    • a) verbal warning at time of incident or within 24 hours
    • b) written notification (e.g. via the Student Performance Report) with a "cc" to Director of SSWD
    • c) recommendation for termination with a "cc" to Director of SSWD

C. Work Areas/Phone and Computer Usage

  1. Office and work areas are for doing work-related assignments, not for homework or long personal conversations.
  2. Phones are to be used for official business purposes, not for personal calls, unless it is an emergency. Personal phone calls should be made at public phones while on break.
  3. Computers should be used for work-related purposes only. They are not to be used for personal work.

D. Absences/Time Off/Breaks/Dress Code

  1. Immediate supervisors are responsible for authorizing breaks, absences, and requests for time off.
  2. Student employees are entitled to 15-minute breaks in the middle of 4 hours of consecutive work, (i.e. 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon). Check with supervisors regarding break times.
  3. If illnesses or other unavoidable incidents cause Student employees to be late or absent, supervisors must be notified as soon as possible. If they are unavailable, leave a message.
  4. Time off must be requested, in writing, at least two days in advance. Supervisors will respond as soon as possible after the requests are received.
  5. Student employees are paid at an hourly rate. Lunch breaks are not compensated.
  6. Proper attire must be worn when reporting to work. Examples of unacceptable attire are the following:
    • For Women: Tank/tube tops, hip shorts, extremely low cut blouses, spaghetti
      string dresses, mini-skirts, torn-up jeans, see-through clothing
    • For Men: Hip shorts, tank tops, torn-up jeans, low cut/unbuttoned shirts.

E. Timesheets


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