Support Service Provider Descriptions & Qualifications

The following describe some of the support service provider positions hired by SSWD each semester. More information on how to apply for these student assistant jobs can be found at SSWD Jobs.

Lab Assistant

Lab assistants are responsible for attending each weekly lab session with the student and describing visual aspects of the lab or completing any physical aspects of the lab the student needs assistance with.  Lab Assistants should preferably have passed the course they are assisting in with a grade of B or higher. The Lab Assistant should be a good listener, willing to help, and able to collaborate with the student to make sure that his/her needs are being met.


Notetakers are responsible for taking notes of lectures, slides/films, group discussions, and other activities in the classroom. The notetaker may have to record or type the notes depending on the needs of the student. Notetakers must have good listening skills, and be able to comprehend a variety of subject matters in order to take accurate notes. Highly legible handwriting is key.


Readers are responsible for recording a variety of textbooks and other classroom materials onto tape in a timely and accurate manner. Reader must be able to keep listener on track with location of text and must accurately label tapes. Reader must have good reading skills, which include proper intonation, pronunciation, and reading speed.

Study Skills/Transitional Coach

Study Skills and transitional coaches should have a demonstrated knowledge of learning skills, study strategies, time management, and/or learning styles. Upper division or Graduate Student status is required and prior tutoring experience is highly preferred. Coursework in education/learning theory is preferred. Coaches must be able to communicate effectively and work well with others. This is an on-call position.


Tutors are responsible for setting up a tutoring plan and setting goals with each student for successful completion of a specific course. Tutors must be able to utilize a number of academic strategies and methods that are helpful when working with a range of disabilities. Tutors must have proof of passing the course she/he is tutoring with a grade of B or better. 

Library Research Assistant

Library Research Assistants work with students who have various print impairments to navigate library and reference materials. Library Research Assistants read, scan, type, follow verbal instructions, and communicate information to students. Typing is limited to access-related tasks such as (but not limited to): typing in a web-address, cutting and pasting into an accessible document, typing a title/note about a book, etc. Research Assistants must have excellent spoken English communication skills.