Test Accommodation Guidelines

If you are new to SSWD, you will need to provide written verification and documentation of your disability and meet with an SSWD counselor in person, at which time appropriate accommodations will be determined and initial Letters of Test/Course Accommodations requested.

If you are a continuing student with SSWD, you may complete the Returning Student Accommodation Request Form to make a request for future semesters. If you are requesting a change in your accommodations, you will need to meet with your SSWD counselor.

Letters will be available seven working days after request is submitted.

Pick up your accommodation letters from SSWD and deliver them to your professors within the first two weeks of classes or as soon as possible if you're certified within the semester. Keep one copy for yourself. The letter is a formal document that you may not alter. The Testing Center has a copy of the letter.

At the beginning of each semester, review your course syllabi to determine the frequency and type of test (essay, short answer, etc.) involved.  Personally contact faculty regarding the approved accommodations and provide instructors with SSWD’s written accommodation letter within the first two weeks of classes or as soon as possible if you’re certified within the semester. If a disagreement arises regarding the accommodations, immediately discuss the situation with your SSWD counselor.


You must reserve a time slot for each exam in the Testing Center. Whenever possible, reserve a time slot that coincides with the regular class time for the exam. Register on-line (www.csus.edu/testing) for all exams taken in the small group room. Schedule exams which require additional approved accommodations or adaptive technology with the receptionist in the Testing Center. Schedule your exams in advance, within the appropriate time frame, to ensure accommodations will be in place (see below):

  • Regular class exams: At least 1 week prior to the regular class exam time.
  • Final exams: As soon as possible in the semester and at least 3 weeks prior to exam date.
  • Allow extra time before and after each exam to accommodate any possible delays or problems.

The Testing Center is not the only testing site. The professor can make other arrangements in the academic department or school if he/she can provide the approved accommodations at another appropriate site on campus.

Usage of a computer is based on specific functional limitations related to your disability. If you are requesting a computer for class tests or WPJ, you need to meet with your counselor for approval and sign the policy for computer testing accommodations. See the Computer Testing Accommodation policy for additional details at www.csus.edu/SSWD/services/policies/computer-testing.html. All class tests need to be scheduled in the Testing Center. Do not schedule your tests in the High Tech Center.

Pick up instructor Testing Accommodation Instruction forms (green sheets) from the Testing Center or print them from the Testing Center's website and give the forms to your instructors at least 10 days prior to each exam. The instructors must complete this form and return it to the Testing Center with EACH exam.

Confirm with the professor and the Testing Center staff that approved accommodations are in place prior to the exam. Work with the Testing Center staff and your SSWD counselor to resolve any problems.

During the WPJ/WPG registration period, you will need to sign up for the WPJ/WPG on the Testing Center's website: www.csus.edu/testing

When you register online for the WPJ/WPG, check "accommodations." 

To assure accommodations, request a WPJ/WPG test accommodation letter from your SSWD counselor during the first week of the WPJ/WPG registration period.

If you have any questions, please contact the Testing Center at (916)278-6296.

If you are an incoming freshmen/new student who is required to take the ELM or EPT, contact SSWD for information on submitting documentation and establishing eligibility for testing accommodations. Since accommodations must be arranged by the registration deadline, submit documentation as soon as possible, but no later than 3 weeks prior to the registration deadline in order to allow SSWD time to review documentation and prepare an accommodation letter by the deadline. Please contact SSWD if you experience difficulty with submission of documentation and deadlines.

If you are a continuing student with established testing accommodations with SSWD, request a test accommodation letter from your counselor during the first week of the registration period. SSWD will forward a copy of your test accommodation letter to the Testing Center.

Depending on the documentation available in archived files, SSWD may not be able to provide accommodation letters for prior students.

Request a test accommodation letter from your counselor as soon as possible and no later than three weeks prior to the registration deadline.

Submit your test accommodation letter and registration form to the testing agency (i.e., ETS, Evaluation Systems Pearson, etc.) responsible for the administration of the exam.

Breaks are approved by SSWD counselors only for documented disability needs. If a break has been authorized during your exams, it must be taken inside the Testing Center. You may not leave the building or the Testing Center. 

If problems occur with your reader or scribe during the test, immediately notify the Testing Center staff. The Testing Center will attempt to resolve the problems immediately. 

You are responsible for notifying the Testing Center at least 24 hours in advance to cancel test accommodation arrangements. Changes in scheduled day/time of exam must be approved in advance by the professor by email, phone or in person.

You may be required to meet with your counselor to clarify your accommodations if you have two no-shows or two incidences of failure to cancel 24 hours in advance.

Hours:     See the Testing Center's website at www.csus.edu/testing for specific hours
Phone:     (916) 278-6296
Location:  Lassen Hall, Room 2302


Exceptions to the testing hours need to be appealed to the Testing Center staff.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Test Accommodation Guidelines above.  My signature is my commitment to adhere to these responsibilities and terms.

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Updated: June 2014

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