Dr. Lorenzo Smith

Dr. Lorenzo Smith - Dean of the

College of Engineering and Computer Science

General Manager


Mikael Anderson- Chair of the Department

of Construction Management

Steering Committee

Shannon Datwyler - Professor and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences 


David Earwicker - Associate Vice President of Research Affairs


Jeff Foran - Professor and Chair of the Department of Environmental Studies


Sue Holl - Professor and Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Student Research Associates

Raveena Raghunath

Electrical Engineering (MS)

 Interested in the design and testing of energy efficient circuits and systems, emerging technologies and architectures, sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


Krishna Chaitanya Kaja

 Computer Science (MS)

Interested in application development, web development, cyber security and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Currently working on the "Scientific Internet of Things" (Sci-IoT), developing a platform for open scientific data collection for real time data analysis and data display. 

Rob Hogan

Environmental Studies (BS)

Interested in the use of urban agriculture to address issues regarding food deserts, unemployment, obesity, drought, greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon footprint.

Currently researching the use of vermicompost tea in aquaponics.

Connor Aitken

Connor Aitken

Computer Science (BS)

Passionate about making great hardware and software products.

Currently developing STORC's "Scientific Internet of Things" (Sci-IoT) with the goal of creating a platform for open scientific data collection to facilitate data studies done at STORC.

Sai Kumar

Sai Kumar Poosarla

Electrical Engineering(M.S.) 

Interests include micro controllers, micro processors, sensors, automation, control systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Currently working on the Zero-Net Energy Home and Sci- Internet of Things.

Bharath Vladamannati

Bharath Vadlamannati

Computer Science (MS)

Interested in web development and the Internet of Things.

Currently working on STORCs "Scientific Internet of Things" (Sci- IoT) and developing the website for data display.

Kumar, Suganesh

Suganesh Kumar

Electrical Engineering (MS)

Interested in controls, sensors, automation, embedded applications and the Internet of Things.

Currently working on the zero-net energy home andSTORCs Sci- IoT.

Armando Porras

Armando Porras

Civil Engineering (BS)

Interested in fish farming, water quality, environmental sustainability. Finding a more efficient system to cultivate food and animals which is less harmful to environment. Learning different ways of producing more environmentally responsible fuels. Quality testing of dirt.

Currently working on the aquaponics system and the gasifier.


Robinson, Darryl

Darryl Robinson

Contstruction Management (BS)

Interested in aquaponics and biofuel manufacturing.

Currently working on the zero-net energy home, aquaponics system, and general STORC construction.


Mahesh Govindane

Electrical Engineering (MS)

Passionate about Embedded System Design and Internet of Things

Currently working on the Zero-Net Energy Home and Sci-IoT.



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