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String Project - California State University, Sacramento

The String Project is located at California State University, Sacramento in Capistrano Hall. Daily and hourly parking passes are available for purchase at information booths at the entrance to the University or on the 5th floor of the parking structure adjacent to Capistrano Hall.

Upon enrollment in the String Project, parking passes may be obtained through the project direction by downloading and mailing this form:
T. Stanley
Music Dept. CSUS
6000 J St.
Sacramento, CA 95819
The sooner you get us your registration form with your license plate number, the better. We will try to get the pass processed before classes begin.

If you do not follow this procedure, for the first few sessions in September, daily parking passes will need to be purchased while waiting for the semester's passes to be issued. Semester parking passes are not guaranteed, and are dependent on the decisions of UTAPS (University Transportation and Parking Services). They often take up to a month to process if submitted after the semester has begun.

For our concerts, no pass will be needed in Parking Structure I next to Capistrano Hall for parking after 6pm.
Take State University Drive West to get to Parking Structure I.