What positive change can you imagine affecting in your field? Things need to change. What could people in your profession do?

Cite at least two credible sources that document the problem that exists in your field and support your point of view. Identify or invent a solution to address the problem.

Create a project or conduct a workshop that informs your audience of the problem, and your solution.

Think outside the box.

Audience: desired employer. 

Academic Showcase Details

  • Group or individual entries are allowed.
  • Undergraduate and graduate submissions will be in different categories.
  • No student can participate in more than one entry.
  • Students will identify which of Sac State's "7 Dimensions of Wellness" the project fits under: Environmental, Intellectual, Sociocultural, Emotional, Physical, Career/Financial, or Spiritual. 
  • Students must provide an abstract that briefly describes the problem and solution. The abstract should be 3-5 sentences. More detail provided is best. 
  • Students to not have to implement the idea they present.
    • EX: If the solution is to create a new homeless shelter, the student does not actually have to create the shelter. The student presents why a shelter would be needed and how an organization would go about doing that. 
  • Students will present for 15 minutes in front of 2 judges. The judges will be assigned to the student based on the abstract they provide. 
  • It is recommended that students plan to deliver their thesis, or "pitch", or summarize the main ideas, in 5-6 minutes. Judges will then engage students in dialogue and question-and-answers for the next 5-6 minutes. The remaining minutes will be spent for questions and scoring. 
  • Scholarship recipient will be announced 1 pm on Saturday April 30, 2016.

    Judges will rank each project on the following criteria:
  1. Use at least 2 credible sources to document the problem
  2. Have a clear problem statement
  3. Offer a clear solution
  4. Relevance to the student’s major or area of study
  5. Include a clear project title
  6. Make eye contact with judges
  7. Provide an adequate introduction to the idea
  8. Elevator pitch summarized problem and solution in about 2 minutes
  9. Leave time for judges to ask questions. (Students have 15 minutes total. The "pitch," or explanation, should be about 5 minutes to allow time for questions and conversation.)
  10. Provide adequate responses to questions
  11. Creativity of solution
  12. Feasibility of solution
  13. Physical props, displays, aides, models (3-dimensional) - not required
  14. Visuals, graphics, poster, handout, flyer (2-dimensional) - not required 
  15. Student presenting checked in with judge to make sure they understood
  16. Relevance to employer

Students will receive positive feedback and constructive criticism from each judge/community partner based on their content and presentation.