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Community partners offer professional context and real-world relevance to the STRONG event.

  • Community partners are judges for student presentations.
  • Judges evaluate student presentations based on a rubric we provide.
  • Judges also offer students 3 points of positive feedback and 3 areas where students can improve.
  • STRONG is a career-readiness, interview preparation event. We want you to represent your organization--its culture, expectations, attire, attitude, and communication style--to students in how you score them and the feedback you give them.
  • Judges will be matched with students from all disciplines and all education levels. From the student perspective, student presentations are matched with one judge who has expertise in their field, and one who does not, because we want students to communicate well across disciplines. 

There will be two Community Partner Info Sessions:

Session 1: Friday, 3/23 from 10-11 am – Conference Call
                  Discuss expectations and judging criteria.
                  Call 1-515-603-3105 code: 951260#

Session 2: Friday, 4/6 from 10-11 am – In-Person Meeting  
                  Tour, understand parking, locate event space; discuss logistics and answer questions.

Please wear logo gear. If you do not have company apparel, please wear what you would normally wear to work. 

  • 8:15 Park in Parking Structure 1. Allow 15 minutes to walk from PS1 to Riverview Hall in the Residence Halls. 
  • 8:30-8:45 - Check in. Get your folder with presentations you will listen to. 
  • 9am - Round 1 Presentations begin.
    • Judges will listen to one presentation every 15 minutes and move from space to space. You will get one 15-minute break per hour. Expect to hear/comment on 6 or 7 presentations in Round 1. 
    • Students are told to deliver their pitch in the first 5 minutes, allow you 5 minutes to ask questions and talk about the idea, and allow the last 5 minutes for you to score and write comments. Each presentation delivers a lot of activity packed into a small window of time. 
  • 11:30-12:30 - Lunch provided at The Servery at the Dining Commons. 
    • 12:15 - Finalists announced at Dining Commons and called
  • 12:30-2 pm - Finalist Presentations Begin. 6 Finalists will present to an audience of all judges. You will have new copies of the same score sheet. You may see presentations you heard in Round 1. 2 finalists will compete for 3 cash prizes. 
  • 2 pm - Winners Announced
  • 2-3 pm - Mingle Mixer
    This networking reception is for students to interact with employers they did not have a chance to speak with, and to ask questions about opportunities, as well as questions about your path to your career, and advice. We ask you consider sharing both your professional history and opportunities or how to apply for a job or internship with your employer. 

What We Need From You 

  • An all-day commitment
  • A high-resolution logo (print and digital use)
  • Giveaways including business cards, collateral material, fun stuff like lanyards, water bottles, if possible
  • Sponsorship! We are asking for
    • Three $1,000 awards for student winners
      • One award is for any student presentation
      • One award is for a student-parent
      • One award is for a special category
    • $500 for a Lunch Sponsor
    • $250 for a morning coffee sponsor
    • $250 for a Mingle Mixer Sponsor

      See the Sponsorship Package here. Contact Haley Myers Dillon at or call (916) 278-4353 for more information. 

Judges’ Criteria for Student Presentations

Judges will rank each project on the following criteria:

  1. Use at least 2 credible sources to document the problem
  2. Have a clear problem statement
  3. Offer a clear solution
  4. Relevance to the student’s major or area of study
  5. Include a clear project title
  6. Make eye contact with judges
  7. Provide an adequate introduction to the idea
  8. Elevator pitch summarized problem and solution in about 2 minutes
  9. Leave time for judges to ask questions. (Students have 15 minutes total. The "pitch," or explanation, should be about 5 minutes to allow time for questions and conversation.)
  10. Provide adequate responses to questions
  11. Creativity of solution
  12. Feasibility of solution
  13. Physical props, displays, aides, models (3-dimensional) - not required
  14. Visuals, graphics, poster, handout, flyer (2-dimensional) - not required 
  15. Student presenting checked in with judge to make sure they understood
  16. Relevance to employer