FAQ Employers

Employers have the chance to interact with Sacramento State’s best and brightest students, and hear about what students are learning in their classes. Sacramento State is providing an opportunity to employers to connect with students on a one-on-one basis and engage with the next generation workforce to tell them what they’re looking for and how to prepare—before the interview. Offer students constructive criticism, and help give real-world guidance to the entry level hires of tomorrow. 

From a community perspective, Sacramento State is offering an opportunity to engage with our campus as a regional powerhouse or pool of talent we need to prepare for the next generation of economic development wave. Mayor Kevin Johnson helped established a new tone in Sacramento for economic development. He created a vision along with the Greater Sacramento Economic Council to be a place that draws headquarters and businesses to our innovative economy—this is one way to participate. Our region is coming together to build a new economic engine. Sacramento State students are being trained to enter our workforce, and you can highlight your company as a great place to work, produce, give back, and build the region’s future. 

Employers can participate as sponsors, as judges, or both. Sponsors provide financial support to ensure the event can take place. One of the most important sponsorships is for the awards. Judges listen to student presentations (Round 1) and provide constructive criticism to students (3 things done well and 3 points for improvement).

Employers should wear company logo gear and a company name tag, so student participants can easily identify where you work. (If you do not have a name tag, one will be provided.)

Judges will be given criteria to judge all presentations. They will score students based on their individual determination of each category. Just like an interview, it will be up to each judge to decide what score the student should receive in each category. Judges should take notes during the presentations and Q&A sessions, and use the last 5 minutes of the appointment to write 3 things the student did well, and 3 points for improvement. The scoring sheets will be scanned and emailed to students following the event.