Student Presentation Requirements

STRONG asks Hornets to "Imagine Tomorrow's Solutions." STRONG asks students to use the education they receive at Sacramento State to solve a problem. 

This presentation is simple. Students present a problem and a solution. (The problem must be real.) 

For example: A sociology major wants to improve services to Sacramento County's homeless population. The student would "pitch" an idea of how to do this. 

Sample Pitch: To improve services to Sacramento County's homeless population, I propose a mobile service delivery vehicle called "Pop-Up Shelter," that provides meals, basic grooming supplies, and counseling to Sacramento's homeless population.

Academic Showcase Details

  • Group or individual entries are allowed.
  • No student can participate in more than one entry.
  • Students must provide an abstract that briefly describes the problem and solution. The abstract should be 3-5 sentences. This abstract is used to match students with judges, and is given to judges to read before the event.
  • Students do not have to implement the idea they present.
    • EX: If the solution is to create a new homeless shelter, the student does not actually have to create the shelter. The student presents why a shelter would be needed and how an organization would go about doing that. 
  • Students present for 15 minutes in front of 2 judges. 
  • Students should deliver the problem-solution pitch in the first 5 minutes. Judges have 5 minutes to ask questions for the next 5 minutes. Judges will use the last 5 minutes to score. 
  • Finalists will be called on the phone number provided on the sign up form between 11:30a-12:30p. 
  • Finalists present the same 15-min pitch to a group of all 30 judges from 12:30-2 pm.
  • Award winners will be announced immediately at 2.
  • Judges complete a rubric (Sample Score Sheet) which includes space for 3 points of what students are doing well, and 3 points of criticism where students can improve. This sheet will be scanned and emailed to students the week after the event. 

    Judges rank student presentations on the following:
  1. Use at least 2 credible sources to document the problem
  2. Have a clear problem statement
  3. Offer a clear solution
  4. Include a clear project title
  5. Make eye contact with judges
  6. Provide an adequate introduction and background to the idea
  7. Elevator pitch summarizes problem and solution in about 5 minutes.
  8. Leave time for judges to ask questions and score. 
  9. Student makes sure judge understands the problem-solution, and the responses to their questions.
  10. Provide adequate responses to judges' questions.
  11. Creativity of solution
  12. Students should demonstrate research and thought into feasibility of solution.
  13. Physical props, displays, aides, models (3-dimensional) - not required
  14. Visuals, graphics, poster, handout, flyer (2-dimensional) - not required 

Click here to see sample score sheet