FAQ Students

Students will talk with employers from the greater Sacramento area. They will practice in-person interview skills, including the ability to verbally present the information they are learning in classes, talking to people within and outside their field, being able to “pitch” an idea, present oneself professionally, and do so in a coherent and concise manner. Aside from real-world interview preparation and the chance to network and practice interacting with area employers while there is little at stake, students can also earn an award.

Current students—both undergraduate and graduate students. 

We fundraise for awards. Our goal is to give four $1000 awards. One of those awards will be reserved for a student-parent. Awards depend on funds raised.

Students should wear business attire. 

Students have 15 minutes to interact with an employer. They should give their pitch in 5 minutes. Employers will have 5 minutes to ask questions about the content of the presentation. Students are expected to be able to respond and talk back and forth with employers. The last 5 minutes should be allowed for employers to score the presentation and write comments or provide feedback to students. 

The top two undergraduate and top two graduate students who earn the highest cumulative scores in Round 1 will be invited to participate as a finalist in Round 2. Finalists will be announced at 12:30 pm, and Round 2 will begin at 1 pm.  Finalists are competing for the top score and an award which will be given to one undergraduate and one graduate. Finalist presentations will be the same as Round 1, except finalists will be presenting to all judges, instead of having a more personal conversation with 2 employers. 

To get students talking with employers about academic work, to help students prepare for interviews, and work to make academic projects relevant to Sacramento-area employers.

The networking reception is designed to get all student participants talking with employers who may not have judged them in Round 1. Students can practice networking and ask employers how to get a job at the company. Employers should be honest with students, and let them know what to expect when they enter the job market. Employers should be prepared to talk about what sort of opportunities currently exist at their companies, and what qualifications would be needed. 

The event is free and open to the public. Students can sign up at www.csus.edu/strong2018, or students can simply watch their friends in Round 1 or Round 2. Parents and families of students are encouraged to attend to hear what students are learning. The finalists round of student presentations may be of interest to media.

There will be 2 undergraduate and 2 graduate finalists, for a total of 4 finalists. The top 2 undergraduates and graduates will be selected based on highest numerical score based on judges’ scores from Round 1.

Yes. The maximum number of students per group is 5. 

Students present an idea to solve some sort of problem. The solution should be related to their major or desired career. Students can use current or past academic or club projects, including a project from any class. Students are required to present evidence of the problem and pitch a solution to judges (employers) who will engage them in the sort of conversation they will have in a job interview. Students may use a visual aide but must also be prepared to present orally, and have a conversation about their work. Students will be paired with judges with experience related to their project or desired career path, and a judge outside of their discipline.

Employers have the chance to interact with Sacramento State’s best and brightest students, and hear about what students are learning in their classes. Sacramento State is providing an opportunity to employers to connect with students on a one-on-one basis and engage with the next generation workforce to tell them what they’re looking for and how to prepare—before the interview. Offer students constructive criticism, and help give real-world guidance to the entry level hires of tomorrow. 

From a community perspective, Sacramento State is offering an opportunity to engage with our campus as a regional powerhouse or pool of talent we need to prepare for the next generation of economic development wave. Mayor Kevin Johnson helped established a new tone in Sacramento for economic development. He created a vision along with the Greater Sacramento Economic Council to be a place that draws headquarters and businesses to our innovative economy—this is one way to participate. Our region is coming together to build a new economic engine. Sacramento State students are being trained to enter our workforce, and you can highlight your company as a great place to work, produce, give back, and build the region’s future. 

Employers can participate as sponsors, as judges, or both. Sponsors provide financial support to ensure the event can take place. One of the most important sponsorships is for the awards. Judges listen to student presentations (Round 1) and provide constructive criticism to students (3 things done well and 3 points for improvement). 

Employers should wear company logo gear and a company name tag, so student participants can easily identify where you work. (If you do not have a name tag, one will be provided.)

Judges will be given criteria to judge all presentations. They will score students based on their individual determination of each category. Just like an interview, it will be up to each judge to decide what score the student should receive in each category. Judges should take notes during the presentations and Q&A sessions, and use the last 5 minutes of the appointment to write 3 things the student did well, and 3 points for improvement. The scoring sheets will be scanned and emailed to students following the event. 

STRONG 2019 committee meetings are held the first and third Thursdays of each month in Lassen 2203 from 9-9:50 am. Feel free to attend!

The event was created as a way to invite families to campus to see what students are learning in action! Many CSUs provide ways for families to see student work. This is a large event designed to get families to campus during the Spring semester. It is also a volunteer opportunity for professional parents to serve as judges. Event organizers request that students invite parents and families to observe their presentations, but it is not required.

Our goal is to have 75 presentations, or roughly 65 students participate.

Contact Haley Myers Dillon, director of the Parents & Families Program, at haley.myers@csus.edu or at 916-278-4353.