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Services for Students With Disabilities Division of Student Affairs

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Apply for SSWD Accommodations

Applying for Accommodations at Sac State

SSWD looks forward to assisting you with your accommodation needs. SSWD has a three-step application process:

  1. Submit your application for services and appropriate documentation using the SSWD Student Portal.
  2. Schedule an intake appointment. Please note that documentation review takes 1-2 weeks, so schedule an appointment at least two weeks from the submission date of your application.
  3. Meet with an Access Coordinator to discuss your accommodation needs.

Documentation Guidelines

SSWD requests documentation that assists us in understanding your current functional limitations and their impact on the learning environment. SSWD recommends the following documentation be submitted based on the nature of your disability:

Disability Recommended Documentation

Once you are ready to apply for services,

Please Submit Application

Student Medical Provider Form

Transfer Student Information

California Community Colleges (CCC’s)/Transfers from other Colleges

College transfers are encouraged to submit copies of accommodation letters used at previous institutions, as well as copies of any medical diagnosis used to be eligible for accommodations. Reading the following article “A Transition Guide” may be helpful in understanding differences that may occur as a result of transferring.

Transition Guide

CCE Student Information

College of Continuing Education (CCE)

CCE students must work with the CCE HR Specialist to be initially referred to SSWD. CCE students may request assistance with getting copies of their CCE enrollment schedule each semester from the CCE HR Specialist, as this evidence of enrollment will be required by SSWD each semester accommodations will be required. The CCE HR Specialist contact information and accommodation process are located at the CCE Website.

CCE Website

Accommodations/Renewing Accommodations Each Semester

Accommodations are approved ONLY after SSWD has reviewed submitted materials (application and supporting documents) and engaged in an interactive process with the student to discuss educational barriers and established a nexus between the identified disability’s functional limitations, educational access and essential accommodations. The discussion between the student and the Access Coordinator includes exploring the most effective ways to EQUALIZE the educational opportunities at Sac State.

Students are responsible for requesting accommodation letters to be sent to their faculty via the Online Portal. Approved accommodations must be requested each semester through SSWD’s Online Portal. Faculty will be expecting an accommodation letter dated for the current semester otherwise accommodations will not be provided. Once requested by the student via the Online Portal, the accommodation letters are automatically delivered to the faculty via the Online Portal.

To request or renew your accommodations each semester:

  1. Click the SSWD’s Online Application & Portal
  2. Click on Self Registration, and then
  3. Click Accommodation
  • Accommodations do not automatically transfer from one institution to another, as each post-secondary institution has its’ own processes for approving accommodations, and for providing resources. Differences in institutional accommodations will be discussed during the 1-1 with the Access Coordinator.
  • Accommodations are not retroactive. So, request approved accommodations as soon as possible.
  • If accommodations need to be changed/updated, the request must be approved by your designated Access Coordinator before submitting a request to have an accommodation letter be sent. If approved, the change will be reflected in the Online Portal.

Priority Registration

At Sac State, priority registration is frequently requested, especially by transfers from California Community College who automatically were provided this service under Title V. However, at Sac State priority registration is NOT an entitlement for SSWD registered students, as it is considered an accommodation for those students who have substantially limiting disabilities.

Priority registration MAY be an approved accommodation when classes need to be scheduled around chemotherapy or dialysis appointments, or other health-related treatments required for life-threatening and/or time-sensitive conditions not easily or reasonably scheduled around classes. Consideration of graduation time limitations, financial need, sponsorship by programs such as Workmen’s Compensation, Department of Rehabilitation, Veterans’ Benefits, or private insurance are NOT justifications for Priority Registration through SSWD.

Students seeking priority registration due to concerns about getting classes required for their degrees, getting the schedules that best meet their preferences or other similar academic-related reasons not directly connected to their disability are advised to work with their academic advisors or academic program for scheduling tips.