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Accommodations, Renewals, & Computer Lab

Accommodations & Renewals

SSWD approved academic accommodations and services are primarily determined based on the individualized documented needs of each student and what is considered to be appropriate academic adjustments for equal access at Sac State.

Accommodations are not retroactive, so students are encouraged to submit to faculty their current semester accommodation letters as early as possible each semester. As a result, the sooner a student registers with SSWD, the sooner SSWD can ensure approved accommodations are provided in a timely manner.

SSWD advocates for SSWD approved academic accommodations and provides referrals to other campus departments for any other additional services required by SSWD students. It is the students’ responsibility to maintain contact with SSWD if approved accommodations are not being provided by their faculty in a timely manner.

Each semester, please log into SSWD’s online portal and follow the steps below to request that current term accommodation letters be sent to your instructors:

Requesting Accommodation Letters

  1. Sign into SSWD’s online portal.
  2. From the main menu, click “Request Accommodation Letters.”
  3. At the “Request Accommodation Letters” menu, click the “Accommodations” tab.
  4. Click “Request” and the next window will open. The next window will include your enrolled course info and your preapproved accommodations. In the “Request Accommodations” menu, you will need to select an accommodation letter for each course in which you would like to have accommodation letters sent to your instructors. Each letter request will be completed individually unless you are approved for and requesting the same accommodations for each course.
  5. Select which accommodations you would like to request.
  6. Select the appropriate option:

    My accommodations are correct the way they are. If you require changes to your accommodations, please contact SSWD at and you will be contacted by an Access Coordinator.
  7. Read the disclaimer and click the box “I agree to the terms outlined above.”
  8. Click “Submit.”
  9. Once you click submit, please wait and you will be returned to the “Request Accommodations” menu. The status of your letter(s) should indicate “sent,” which means that your accommodation letter has been emailed to the applicable instructor.
  10. Repeat steps 4-9 for each of your courses.

Request Accommodations Through SSWD's Online Portal

SSWD’s Online Portal

SSWD Testing Center

SSWD Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is normally open to all SSWD students during regular office hours however due to COVID-19 the lab will remain closed until further notice. The lab is equipped with the latest software required for most print disabilities. Students with print disabilities requiring textbooks and course materials to be converted into electronic format must be first referred by an SSWD Access Coordinator. Once approved for document conversion, individualized instruction in the use of required technology is provided along with ongoing support.


Complaints regarding SSWD should first be directed to the Access Coordinator working directly with the student. If a concern relates to an Access Coordinator, then concerns may be addressed to the SSWD Director at, along with any additional information or documentation for the review request. Should there still be disagreement regarding how SSWD has approved or deferred accommodation requests, then an appeal may be made with the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Complaint Procedures for Students