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Coronavirus Information for Students Division of Student Affairs

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Student Organization Updates

How can I meet with my SO&L Advisor?
Please email your SO&L Advisor with times you would be available to meet. Once we solidify a time, we will schedule a Zoom meeting that you can video chat into or call via phone.

We did have some advising shifts as two of our staff are moving on to awesome new opportunities. Please see the current club advising breakdown below, along with our emails:

Nicki Croly, Director,
Academic- College of A&L
Academic- College of HHS
Academic- College of NSM
Academic- College of SSIS

Josh Mandel-Sonner, Assistant Director,
Special Interest

Megan Piermarini, Greek Life Advisor,
Academic- College of ECS
Academic- College of BA

Ashley Torres, Program Advisor,
Greek- LGC, PSC

Jackie Pulatie, Sport Clubs Program Advisor,
Sport/ Rec
Academic- College of ED
Academic- Non-College Specific

How can club members be reimbursed or process other financial transactions or DOC Funding?
After March 20th, ASI will process reimbursements remotely. Everything will need to be scanned and emailed to If scanning and emailing is not an option, the club will need to mail the documentation.

Associated Students, Inc, CSU-Sacramento
6000 J Street, Mail Stop 6011
Sacramento, CA 95819

Check requests will also need to occur the same way. Any questions, please email or call 916-278-2231. All DOC Funding has been canceled for the remainder of the semester, questions about processing previously awarded funding can be emailed to the email above. Visit the ASI website for all updates:

How will student organizations access their mail?
All mail is being held and clubs are encouraged to redirect mail that is needed to be accessed more immediately. If there is an urgent need to pick up a mail/package, please email and we will do our best to assist you if we are able.

How will Sport Club Program financial or other in-person business be handled (e.g. paying invoices, reimbursing sport club officers, collecting information needed to reimburse club officers such as bank statements, Uniform/keys/first aid kits check-in)
A message was sent to club presidents 3/17/2020 about uniforms, first aid kits, safety folders, and keys - essentially everyone needs to hold onto whatever they have checked out for time being. In regards to the financial piece, please contact with your SO&L Advisor who can help you navigate those processes.

What is happening to student organization meetings and event reservations?
All current reservations of space, both in and outdoors, are being cancelled effective Thursday, Mar. 12 through May 20. This includes general meetings, special events, fundraisers, and tabling. You will not need to contact anyone to cancel as that is being done for you.

Can we just move our meetings and events off-campus?
Please understand the campus decision is being made to limit social interaction to prevent viral transmission. Holding these events and activities off campus is contrary to the California Department of Public Health recommendations. The use of social distancing (i.e., reducing close person-to-person contact) is a recommended strategy for reducing risk. Depending on the amount of people, it also may be against governmental guidelines.

I was completing the Leadership Initiative, so now what will happen?
Unless otherwise noted on the Hornet Hub calendar, all events and workshops for the Leadership Initiative are cancelled. Some LI workshops will be provided virtually. Information for attending workshops virtually will be available via Hornet Hub. If you are completing the LI as a part of an academic course, please connect with your faculty member. If you have additional LI questions, please email

My fraternity/sorority currently has students going through an intake/new member process, what should we do? What is happening with Greek New Member Education?
For those of you who currently are doing intake or have new member processes, we encourage you to work with your regional and national volunteers/staff to determine if the processes can/should move forward. If you navigate other formats to continue your new member/intake meetings, please be mindful simply moving these events from on campus to off is not a viable solution to mitigate risk. Please update your SO&L Advisor if your process is being cancelled altogether, held until a later date, or continued. The Greek Life professional staff is preparing to host Greek New Member Education virtually for all required attendees. More details will be sent out when they are finalized.