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Leadership Initiative Certificate Program

The Leadership Initiative (LI) is a certificate program designed to develop students’ leadership and professional skills, serve as a foundation for involvement in campus life, and promote retention, academic success, and graduation.

The foundation of the LI is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, which encompasses three sets of values individuals build upon to become social change agents — individual values, group values, and societal/community values.

To join the program, just simply start with the Green Certificate and follow with each found on the right. To have your event featured within the LI or all other questions, please email

Our Model

There are four possible certificates to earn in sequential order. Click on each certificate below to learn more about them including how to earn each one. You may work towards completing more than one certificate at a time.

Why should I join?

  • To develop leadership skills
  • Build transferable professional skills
  • Create and be a part of social change
  • Get involved with and informed about campus activities and resources
  • Network with fellow students, Sac State staff/faculty, and more

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