Case Management will now be known as the CARES Office. The Crisis Assistance and Resource Education Support (CARES) office will continue to provide support to students in crisis, in a fresh new location on campus! As of Monday, April 22nd we will now be located in the University Union, suite 1260. Entrance is through the side doors by Santa Clara Hall…help is just steps away and we hope you come and visit!

Help is just a visit, a phone call or an email away

The Sacramento State Case Management office provides support to students who are in crisis or experiencing unique challenges to their education. We coordinate referrals to campus and community resources, and offer follow-up support to address a variety of issues including, but not limited to:

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The Seth Nelsen Student Emergency Grant (x12750) supports students who are experiencing one-time financial challenges. This fund helps cover unexpected expenses that impact a student’s enrollment. This fund is in memory of Seth Nelsen, the son of Sacramento State President Robert Nelsen and his wife Jody Nelsen, who lost their son to suicide. They remain committed to helping students in crisis, such as supporting this fund.

The Student Emergency Housing Fund (x12870) supports students who are currently residing in our short-term emergency housing program. The program includes up to 30 days in the residence halls with 2 meals a day provided, while students meet with a case manager to identify long-term solutions. Donations to this fund helps pay for meals and housing support for students in one-time, unexpected housing emergencies that impact their enrollment.

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Housing Displacement

If you are at risk of, or currently experiencing, homelessness (couch surfing, sleeping in a car, on the streets, in a shelter, or other unstable or non-permanent situation) we can help you! Contact the case manager for a Basis Needs Assessment intake.

Transportation barriers

Getting to school is the first step to success! If you are experiencing barriers getting to campus, let us know and we can support you in identifying the right resources for you. Note: Students can also use the One Card slip cover for free public transportation. More information is at the One Card Center in Lassen Hall 1001, or calling 916-278-7878.

Financial emergencies

Being college ready includes being financially sound! If you are experiencing unexpected challenges with paying for school supplies, rent, or other education-related expenses, make an appointment to speak with us and we can support you with finding ways to offset costs. Important to note: The Case Management office does not provide cash resources to cover the cost of tuition. For concerns regarding the payment of tuition, contact the Student Services Center in Lassen 1000 or calling 916-278-1000

Food Insecurity

Did you know that Sac State provides a variety of resources to help you afford to put healthy food on the table? Check out our Basic needs website for a list of current services and support!

Mental health and wellness

If you are experiencing challenges with your mental health and wellness, we are here to help! The Case Management office does NOT provide therapy or counseling services, but we can help you connect to a variety of mental health and wellness resources on or off campus.

Physical health and wellness

If you are experiencing challenges with your physical health and wellness, we are here to help! The Case Management office does NOT provide medical treatment services, but we can help you connect to a variety of health resources on or off campus.

Advocacy (for accessing resources)

Navigating systems can be difficult or intimidating. Contact us to receive help applying for public benefits assistance (Medi-Cal insurance, CalFresh, CalWorks) or to coordinate make-up work with professors if you have experienced a unique challenge.

Transition back to campus following a hospitalization

If you have been hospitalized for any reason and this has caused you to miss school, we can help! We are able to contact professors about your absence, support you with coordinating make-up work missed while you were out, and more!

Danielle Munoz
Lassen Hall 3008 or
916-278-6060 or

The Case Management Office also offers the following services and programs for students:

Staff and Faculty – does your team need crisis intervention training? We will come to you! To set up a training workshop, please contact Danielle Muñoz ( Workshops include, but are not limited to:

  • Crisis management and post-crisis self-care
  • Red Folder resources and working with students in distress
  • You can also visit: to learn more about the Behavioral Intervention Team