Student Affairs Policies

The Vice President for Student Affairs is the administrator of the policies listed below. If you have questions about a particular policy or need assistance with an issue related to a policy on this page, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs office at (916) 278-6060.

Academic Advising

This policy is overseen by the Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Students Affairs. Academic Advising is an important function of the University and this policy defines the who, what, where & how of advising on Sacramento State’s campus. View Policy

Academic Honesty Policy & Procedures

Academic integrity, truth and honesty are fundamental pillars of education. This policy outlines responsibilities of faculty and students, lays out the definitions of academic dishonesty, and provides the framework for evaluating and reporting cases of academic dishonesty. View Policy

Academic Program Access for Students with Disabilities

It is Sacramento State’s responsibility to comply with all federal and state legislation as well as policies mandated by the CSU, to provide access to academic programs for students with disabilities. This policy outlines the roles and responsibilities of the different constituents on campus. View Policy

Alcohol Advisory Council

The council examines and recommends action in areas pertaining to alcohol and other drugs. They oversee education and prevention, program training, intervention, and treatment assessment. View Policy

Alcoholic Beverage and Drug Policy

This policy sets regulations for the use of alcohol; and describes the prohibition of the use of illicit drugs and misuse of legal pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, this document outlines what the consequences are for violating this policy. View Policy

Alcohol - Sale of Alcohol at Intercollegiate Athletics Events

The sale and service of alcoholic beverages at Sacramento State intercollegiate athletics events is allowed under this policy. Alcohol may only be sold and served in University-owned or operated facilities/grounds to individuals who are verified to be 21 years of age and older. View Policy

Amplified Sound Policy

This policy regulates how outdoor amplified sound is regulated on Sacramento State’s campus (does not apply to outdoor spaces managed by the University Union). The purpose is to prevent amplified sound from interfering with instruction or other University events or activities. View Policy

Aquatic Center Advisory Committee and Partnership Forum

The advisory committee oversees goals and general direction of the Aquatic Center by providing direction and review of the Associated Students’ management of the Center. View Policy

Associated Students Children's Center Advisory Council

The Council’s structure and membership are provided in this policy. This council advises on the Children’s Center operating policies and procedures. View Policy

Baccalaureate Certified Credit

This policy explains that the California Community Colleges are responsible for certifying their courses for transfer towards bachelor’s degrees. View Policy

Campus Clery Geographic Policy

The University is responsible for identifying the geographic territories in or on which a Clery Act crime occurs. This policy defines the boundaries for what is considered University property. View Policy

Campus Health Services Oversight Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline standards and guidelines for the provision of health services to students, employees, and visitors by all campus entities that provide health services. View Policy

Complaint Hearing Policy and procedures for Students

The reason for this policy is to provide a mechanism for students who claim a violation, misapplication, or misinterpretation of a University policy, procedure or practice has occurred. View Policy

Complaint Procedure for Students or Student Applicants Who Believe the CSU has Violated State Law "Not Covered by Another CSU Complaint Procedure"

The purpose of this policy is to cover complaints by students (current or applicants) who believe the CSU has violated one or more state laws. This outlines the campus procedure as well as what a student does if they are not satisfied with campus decision. View Policy

Commercial Solicitations and Sales on Campus

The campus Commercial Solicitation and Sales policy was developed to clarify conditions under which commercial solicitation and sales can occur on campus. View Policy

Conditional Admission and Academic Eligibility for International Undergraduate and Graduate Applicants Seeking to Matriculate at California State University, Sacramento through the English Language Institute

The purpose of this policy is to permit the campus to offer conditional admission to international student applicants who meet all other admission requirements except the requirement for English Language Proficiency. Students who gain admission must successfully complete a program of English Language training at the College of Continuing Education.

Dean's Honor List

Defines eligibility requirements for the Dean’s Honor List. View Policy

Degree Revocation Policy and Procedure

This policy outlines the process by which an awarded degree may be revoked due to fraud, misrepresentation or other intentional actions. This policy exists to preserve the integrity of the academic standards and of the degrees granted by the University. View Policy

Disruptive Student Behavior in the Classroom, Dealing with Incidents

Defines what constitutes a disruptive student and provides procedures for dealing with incidents of disruptive behavior. View Policy

Facility Access and Security

This policy provides guidelines and procedures for ensuring campus facilities and grounds are safe, secure and available to campus community members and guests as needed. View Policy

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

Sacramento State follows federal FERPA guidelines as they pertain to student records. FERPA outlines very specifically what is considered confidential and who may have access to that information. Students do not always know their records are their business and they do not have to share information with their parents and other non-academic officials (e.g. prospective employers). View Policy

Notice to Student of Rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

This policy explains how FERPA applies to students. It provides a clear outline of how FERPA protects student’s rights related to their educational record. View Policy

Missing Residential Student Notification Policy

Provides guidelines and procedures for notification of contacts of Sacramento State residence hall students who have been reported missing. View Policy

Official Documents, Definition of

Provides the University community a definition of what are considered official documents. View Policy

Preparing the Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics

This policy provides guidelines and procedures for collecting and reporting Clery crime statistics for its Annual Safety Report (ASR). View Policy

Reporting Crimes

This policy outlines the procedures for reporting criminal activity to campus police and other law enforcement agencies. View Policy

Student Conduct Code

This policy outlines unacceptable student behaviors and explains who this code applies to and how it will be applied. View Policy

Student Deaths, Policy, Protocol and Procedures Related to (currently being updated)

This policy outlines the procedures related to how a student and/or employee death is handled (who and what happens) and reported to appropriate campus constituencies. View Policy

Student Employment Policies and Procedures

This policy is for Sacramento State campus student employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. The policy outlines minimum requirements for student employment, defines a student work week, explains pay rate, payroll and performance evaluation as well as provides definitions of the different student classifications. View Policy

Student Health Counseling Services

This policy statement defines the services provided by Student Health and Counseling Services at The Well and who is eligible for those services. The document discusses how the primary role of Student Health & Counseling Services is to provide periodic outpatient care to students with acute and sub-acute conditions and illnesses and provide services by using a preventative care model. View Policy

Student Officers, Qualifications for

This policy outlines the requirements to be a student officer. A student must be matriculated and demonstrate academic involvement, achievement and progress. These requirements apply to all elected and appointed positions of Associated Students, Inc. View Policy

Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sacramento State has adopted the system-wide policy prohibiting discrimination, harassment and retaliation, sexual misconduct, dating and domestic violence and stalking set forth in CSU Executive Order 1097. View Policy

Student Rights and Responsibilities

This policy document defines both the student’s freedom and the limits to those freedoms. The policy defines student rights & responsibilities in the classroom; their right to privacy; rights to freedom of association; rights and responsibilities regarding freedom of inquiry, expression and information; rights regarding publication; rights of due process and appeal (discipline & grievances); right to substantial input into the determination of University policy and Instruction Programs; responsibilities regarding use of University facilities. View Policy

Time, Place & Manner Restrictions on Speech and Speech-Related Activities

This policy concerns the time, place and manner restrictions for freedom of expression activities, commercial transactions and solicitation, non-commercial transactions and solicitation, amplified sound, and posting or chalking, including the distribution of handbills and circulars. View Policy