Basic Troubleshooting Guide

Computer monitors are blank and does not display any images

Before calling IT staff for help, make sure that all cords on the monitor are properly secured. Check the cables that connect from your monitor to your computer tower and ensure that everything is connected tightly. This means that all cords are fully inserted and that there are no loose screws. Check to make sure that the power cables connected to the monitor are inserted correctly in an electrical outlet. Lastly, make sure that the monitors are set to the correct input---either VGA (analog) or DVI (digital). A monitor that has a cable with a blue plug connecting to the computer is typically on a VGA input. A cable with a white plug is typically on a DVI input.

Computer lags or runs very slowly

Leaving a computer on for several days can greatly reduce its performance. If that is the case, simply restart your computer and the problem should be fixed. Another common cause of slowdown is having too many files saved on your hard-disk drive. If that is the case, delete or back-up any files that you no longer use on a regular basis.

Computer tower does not turn on

If this happens, make sure that your computer is plugged into an electrical outlet correctly. I know this sounds very simple, but it's easy to knock and loosen cables around without noticing, especially if they are located near your feet. If your power cable plugged into a surge protector, make sure that the surge protector switch is turn on.

How to select your main or primary printer


2. Under PRINTERS AND FAXES you'll see a list of printers installed on your computer. Right-click on the one you want to select as your primary printer and select SET AS DEFAULT PRINTER.

Printer is not printing documents

Has the printer been on for several days in a row or longer? If so, this can cause weardown on the machine and may not function properly. To help fix this problem, turn off the printer, unplug the power cable, and leave it off for at least 30 seconds. Once the 30 seconds are up, plug the power cable back in and turn the printer on. Try printing again to see if it is successful.

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