Imaging Services

The Imaging Department supports and works closely with a variety of departments within the Student Affairs division. The Imaging Department provides Student Affairs with swift secure electronic access to documents and data, a process vital to running many daily operations. It is also responsible for ensuring that all financial aid, student records, and transcripts are scanned or uploaded into OnBase imaging database. Along with scanning and uploading, the Imaging Department verifies and accurately indexes all incoming student documents into OnBase. In addition, the Imaging Department is in charge of uploading, processing, and maintaining all external academic data in Content Management System (CMS).

Services the Imaging Department provides:

  • Retrieves, uploads, and validates electronic transcripts into OnBase and CMS.
  • Retrieves, validates, scans and indexea physical documents from Admissions, Registrar's Office and Financial Aid
  • Sweeps and uploads faxed documents
  • Verifies document authenticity
  • OCR Advance Capture of financial aid documents
  • Provides technical support and necessary training for OnBase
  • Responsible for accurate data entry from external academic documentation