WCM(Web Content Management) Websites

The majority of the websites were developed and are maintained using a Univeristy wide and supported system entitled Web Content Managment (WCM). WCM is a web based program that is administered and supported by the universities IRT Department.  The IRT Department has created a series of templates in order to have a consistent method for developing websites and a common set of styles in order to maintain consistent and attractive websites throughout the university.  Yet most importantly to deliver  well ordered and "user friendly" websites that are available to students, staff, faculty and the general public.

Students Affairs has established it's own set of consistent design elements to form a cohesive relationship amongst the majority of the websites within the division.  The following information outlines the guidelines and standards for the Students Affairs websites and offers some suggestions and standards that will hopefully assist the various programs and departments within Students Affairs to assist them with the maintenance and effective use of websites in general.

photoThe website guidelines address fundamental issues regarding website planning, designing, implementation and maintenance for the Students Affairs departments and programs. The purpose of structuring website guidelines and standards is to ensure the development of high quality, accurate and user‐centered websites.

The website standards and guidelines for Students Affairs websites are divided into four categories. Some of the categories are more technical in nature than others and all efforts are made to keep the content easy to understand for nontechnical audience. Also, wealth of information around website standards is available but this document mainly focuses on some basic issues. The idea is to bring all the entities to the same level before getting into more complex and detailed website standards.

The website standards are addressed under the following main categories:

All of the Students Affairs departments and programs are strongly encouraged to adopt these standards and guidelines to ensure standardized and focused websites. Suggestions and feedback are welcome in order to improve the quality and content of this document which is available to provide consultation and clarifications regarding website standards for Students Affairs and in compliance with the regulations that have been established by the Universities IRT and Public Affairs offices.

Access to the WCM

If you are in need of gaining access to the WCM a staff member will need to get the permission of their department supervisor or director.  Once that is secured then please contact Nancy Wylie and she will request access for you.  We like to keep track of the users within the division.  Email: Nancy Wylie wylien@csus.edu

Training and Support

IRT offers an introductory training session for the WCM .  Additionally, a personal training session will be arranged in order to focus on the individuals specific needs.  We have developed a WCM Users Guide (PDF) that can be downloaded for use.