Website Content

Conventional publishing techniques for the delivery of content for web pages should be prepared and delivered in an electronic format (Word document). When on-going and late corrections are made to texts, there is a real risk of having no authoritative copy.

An archive should be kept of all documents in both word‐processing formats (for future updates and re‐releases) and in PDF format (to capture the format and any cover design of a hard copy document). The Website Manager or the Site Owner has a key role to play in ensuring this practice to be established and maintained.

Though the control of content on a website is left to the respective department/program to decide with their objectives, there are certain standards that Student Affairs websites should adhere to:

Accurate and Most up to Date Information on the Website
Users visit the universities websites to find the most reliable, accurate and up to date information. If they do not find the latest information on the website, they do not trust the quality and accuracy of the information. It is very important for the individual department/program websites not to refresh stale information on their websites. If the information is older than a specified time period, it should be archived. In regards to new or updated policies and procedures, the relevant department/program should post that information as soon as possible.

Contact Details

The “Contact Us” page and  navigation placement must include the following information:

  • The physical mailing address of the office and service centers.
  • The campus location with location maps.
  • The telephone number(s). The telephone number should include area code.
  • The fax number(s). The fax number should include an area code.
  • The e‐mail address(s).
  • A point of contact who is responsible for customer inquiries (does not necessarily have to be an individual name; it can also be an email address labeled as customer service@... or questions@...., etc).

Hours of Operation
Hours of operations for over the counter and telephone must be provided.

Information About Department/Program’s Aims
A summary of the vision, mission, and objectives of must always be provided.

Structure and Policies or Links to Policy Documents
A link to the department’s structure and individuals’ roles and responsibilities should be provided (organizational chart).

Internal and External Links are Current and Working Properly
In order to make sure that the websites are reliable, all the internal and external links must be working properly and up to date. It is not easy to validate all the external links, a process must be in place to check and verify those links on regular basis.

Grammar and Spellings are Correct
A quality website should have minimum or no grammar or spelling errors. A website with errors can easily lose users’ confidence. It is important to ensure that all the spellings and grammar on the website are correct.