Where Students Come First


Engage students in an inclusive environment to honor their sense of belonging and provide programs and services that enhance their college experience, culminating in timely graduation and lifelong success.

Core Values


We emphasize the expression of ideas through shared information, staying informed, and working together to achieve a common set of goals that lends to a results-oriented approach.


We are committed to developing and sustaining an environment of inclusivity that enriches the experience of all through feedback and a process of continuous improvement.


We serve students with soundness of character, purpose, and through an unwavering commitment to being of service.


We provide students with a high level of genuine compassion, care, support and assistance as they navigate the many challenges they face in their college life.


We enhance the quality of, and pride in, the Sacramento State student experience through new and creative initiatives that promote student success.


We contribute to the multidimensional process of achieving a healthy balance throughout one’s lifetime (Intellectual, Emotional, Environmental, Physical, Career/Financial, Spiritual, Socio-cultural).

Division Level Goals for Student Affairs

In support of the mission and strategic goals of the university, The Division of Student Affairs has established division-level goals. Each department/program within the division is now in the process of creating new 2017-18 strategic goals. To view the division-level goals, click on the link below: