What is Project Rebound?

Supporting the formerly incarcerated on their journey through successful reintegration in a college setting.

In 1967 Professor John Irwin created Project Rebound as a way to matriculate people into San Francisco State University (SFSU) directly from the criminal Justice system. The focus of Project Rebound quickly became “Education as an Alternative to incarceration” and “Turning Former Prisoners to Scholars.” Since the program’s inception, hundreds of formerly incarcerated people have obtained four-year degrees and beyond. In 2016, Project Rebound is moving beyond the confines of SFSU onto seven other CSU campuses, including Sacramento State. With the help of a new team of professionals, we will support students at CSU Fullerton, Fresno, San Diego, San Bernardino, Sacramento, Pomona, and Bakersfield.

Project Rebound at Sacramento State

Project Rebound Sacramento is made possible by the generous support of The Opportunity Institute's Renewing Communities Initiative.

Project Rebound is a program to help formerly incarcerated students prepare, apply, enroll and graduate with a high-quality degree from California State University Sacramento.   Project Rebound provides support for each student to ensure their optimal success at the University.   The program offers academic and financial counseling and referral, peer mentoring and tutoring, and career development.   The program attempts to help students with their basic needs enabling them to focus on their studies and achieve educational and personal empowerment.   

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