Shining STAR of the Month

This award is presented monthly to an individual in the division whose actions or work performance stood out as an exceptional reflection of our divisional values:

  • Collaboration - emphasizes the expression of ideas through shared information, stays informed, and works together to achieve a common set of goals that lends to a results-oriented approach
  • Inclusivity - commits to developing and sustaining an environment of inclusivity that enriches the experience of all through feedback and a process of continuous improvement
  • Integrity - serves students with soundness of character, purpose, and through an unwavering commitment to being of service
  • Service - provides students with a high level of genuine compassion, care, support and assistance as they navigate the many challenges they face in their college life
  • Innovation - enhances the quality of, and pride in, the Sacramento State student experience through new and creative initiatives that promote student success
  • Wellness - contributes to the multidimensional process of achieving a healthy balance throughout one’s lifetime (Intellectual, Emotional, Environmental, Physical, Career/Financial, Spiritual, Socio-cultural)

Nominations are evaluated on alignment with the identified value(s), the scope of impact on the division or campus, and the timeliness of the work included in the nomination.

The nominee selected as the STAR of the month will be presented with an engraved crystal star and an award certificate. Winners of the Monthly STAR award are eligible for the annual STAR award.

All eligible nominees receive a certificate of nomination. Nominations not selected for the STAR of the month award are archived. However, a nominee can be re-nominated (new nomination form submitted) in another month.

  • Provides exceptional service to students or colleagues
  • Develops a creative or innovative idea
  • Persists in completing a task
  • Shows determination to meet program goals
  • Motivates students or colleagues
  • Solves a complex and or challenging problem
Month Nominations Due Award Presentation (subject to change)
January February 8th, 2019 February 25th - 28th
February March 8th, 2019 March 25th - 29th
March April 5th, 2019 April 22nd - 26th
April May 3rd, 2019 May 20th - 24th
May June 7th, 2019 June 24th - 28th
June July 12th, 2019 July 19th - 23rd
July August 9th, 2019 August 19th - 23rd
August September 6th, 2019 September 23rd - 27th
September October 4th, 2019 October 14th - 18th
Oct. - Dec. 2019 N/A Annual Awards Presented at the Division-Wide Meeting

When you are ready to nominate an individual, please log in and fill out the form below: