Outstanding New Professional Award

This award recognizes a full-time professional in the Division who has had exemplary performance in their role.


  • Currently employed full-time within the Division of Student Affairs for three years or less
  • Demonstrates pride in work and displayed a positive attitude toward responsibilities and people
  • Engages in actions that support department, Division, and University values, and/or engaging in collaborative efforts across the University
  • Transitions into their professional role successfully
  • Commits to one’s own professional development, as demonstrated through participation in committee work, training sessions, workshops, and conferences
  • Performs all aspects of the position in an exemplary manner
  • Promotes and maintains professionalism in his or her position
  • Provides the highest level of service to SA and the University and willingly goes the extra mile
  • Demonstrates strong, progressive leadership and accepts responsibilities with a positive attitude
  • Nomination by others is required (no self-nominations

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