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The Student Research Center (SRC), an entity of Academic Affairs and the Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development, exists to broaden opportunities for students to collaborate with faculty on authentic research, scholarship, and creative activities. We focus on both undergraduate and graduate student research opportunities, deliver professionalization workshops and offer opportunities for research dissemination.



Important Events for 2018-19

2018 Provost’s Fall Forum
Friday, Nov 9, 2018
University Union, Redwood Room, 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

* Program & Schedule

2019 Spring Symposium,
Monday, March 4, 2019

33rd Annual CSU Student Research Competition
April 26 - 27, 2019 | CSU Fullerton

Fall 2018 Workshops | Learn about Research & Creative Activity related topics

What Are Research & Creative Activities?

Research & Creative Activities (RCA’s) are projects carried out by students under the supervision of a faculty mentor outside the classrooms, where they create new knowledge to their field of study. Depending on your discipline, it may be called Research or Creative Activity – however, they are both the same in the sense that they are independent projects that are mentored by a faculty who is an expert in that field.

Why do You Need Research & Creative Activities?

From the Students’ Perspective: Students excel and improve their academic learning by engaging in hands-on active learning projects. Click here to learn the Benefits of RCA's.

From potential Employer’s and/or Recruiter’s Perspective: RCA’s are jobs/internships/training-opportunities added to your resume. RCA’s make students competitive for the job market and/or graduate school admissions. 

Note: While not required to earn a Bachelor's degree,
RCA's are required for admissions into graduate or professional programs and to be competitive for the workforce. 


Are you Looking for Research or Creative Activity Experience?

SRC can help you find the best RCA opportunities on campus.  We have a database of faculty RCA's interests and we will do our best to match you with potential mentors. Visit our center to learn about projects on campus.

Note: While we do not provide opportunities for students, we will advise you on effective ways to search for opportunities on your own.   


What We Offer

The Student Research Center organizes two annual presentation events and services to help Sac State students participate in and share their RCA's:

  • The annual Provost's Student Research & Creative Activity Fall Forum is a campus-wide event where undergraduate and graduate students share their research and creative activities with event attendees in a poster format.

  • The annual Student Research & Creative Activity Spring Symposium is a campus-wide competition where undergraduate and graduate students present their research and creative activities. 

  • Workshops – we deliver workshops and information sessions on RCA's related topics.

  • Research Advising – we offer information on how to obtain RCA experience on and off campus. Our sessions include interest exploration, discipline-specific RCA exploration and potential faculty mentor matching.

Annual CSU Student Research Competition. 
Every spring, the CSU system gathers to celebrate undergraduate and graduate scholarly research and creative activity at the Annual Student Research Competition. This statewide competition recognizes outstanding student accomplishments throughout the 23 campuses of the California State University. Cash prizes are awarded. 

To enter the competition, student participants must first compete at their campus Spring Student Research Competitions to be selected as campus delegates. At Sacramento State, we celebrate the Student Research & Creative Activity Spring Symposium held every March, where we select 10 students to present their research and creative works.  


SRC Highlights 

Read about news and events that highlight research and creative activities performed by Sacramento State students. Here, we celebrate their achievements, awards and stories of success.  




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