Faculty FAQ

The student is responsible for scheduling all exam appointments with the Testing Center. We do not accept walk-ins. The student is also responsible for providing you with a test instruction form. Once you have approved the student's test date and time, you are responsible for submitting a hardcopy of the test and test instruction form to the Testing Center by or preferably before the student's exam appointment.

Test instruction forms are also available on our website: www.csus.edu/testing/forms.html.

For more detailed information, please see Using the Testing Center as Faculty.

Any exams that need altering or conversion into another format would need to be submitted to the Assistive Technology Lab (ATL). The ATL is located in the Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC), room 2010 and may be reached at 916-278-7915.

It is still faculty's responsibility to ensure that the Testing Center receives the exam and exam instructions in a timely manner.

Please have the student contact the Office of SSWD at 916-278-6955 or send an email to sswd@csus.edu. The student may also drop by the SSWD office, located in Lassen Hall, room 1008.

Here are your options for submitting your exam to the Testing Center:

  • Drop off the exam in-person. We are located in the lower level of the Library, room 14.
  • Have a colleague, TA, or department staff member drop off the exam and exam instructions for you.
  • Mail the exam using Campus Mail (Address to Testing Center; mail zip 6058). Please note that campus mail delivery can take up to 5 business days
  • Have the student pick up the exam from your office/department in a sealed envelope and submit it to the Testing Center (any signs of tampering with the envelope will be immediately reported to the instructor).
  • Also, when submitting exams to the Testing Center, please be sure to complete and submit the correct instruction form with each exam. Test instruction forms are also available on our website: www.csus.edu/testing/forms.html

Yes. Please fill out and attach a completed Instruction Form or ensure that you provide instructions on how to administer the exam, such as the alotted time for the exam, what materials are allowed (i.e. calculator, page of notes, etc), and what answer material the student will need (scantron, bluebooks, and scratch paper are provided by the Testing Center).

Campus mail can take anywhere between 3-5 business days. We receive one mail pick-up a day, in the morning. We document the instructor and department to whom the exam was sent and the day the exam was prepared to be mailed. Once the exam has been picked up with the mail, we cannot track its journey or give exact dates as to when you will receive it. If the exam is time-sensitive, we recommend that you pick the exam up from the Testing Center or have the student return the exam to your office/department (Testing Center staff will ensure the exam is sealed in an envelope and stamped confidential).

The student may schedule an appointment online, under Makeup Exams. We offer makeup exam sessions on Mondays at 9am, and Fridays at 9am and 1pm.

Test instruction forms can be picked up from our office and can also be downloaded from our website: www.csus.edu/testing/forms.html

For students not registered with the SSWD, we do not have the facilities to proctor online or computer-based exams at this time.

We have facilities to proctor online exams for students who are registered with SSWD as all of the computers and accessible equipment are property of SSWD. Students registered with SSWD must call or come in to our office to schedule an appointment so that we may reserve space for them to test with a computer. We have a very limited number of computers and the space to use them gets filled quickly.

We do not have the space nor staff to proctor exams for an entire classroom. You may want to talk to someone in your department for more options.

Your options for how the exam will be returned to you are as follows and must be indicated on the exam instruction form:

  • Campus mail.
  • Hold for pickup - we will secure the exam in our office until you come by to pick it up. Photo ID is required to pick up an exam from our office. If someone else will be picking up for you, please indicate the first and last name of the person on the instruction form. He or she will also need to provide us with their photo ID.
  • Student return - Testing Center staff will seal the completed exam in an envelope and stamp it confidential. The student will return it to your office/department/class.

Yes. You must indicate the person's first and last name on the instruction form and that they will be picking up the exam. They must have their photo ID with them in order to pick up the exam on your behalf.

We have student proctors that observe examinees at all times. We also have camera surveillance that observes and records every testing room at all times. Our recordings are kept up to five days. If a student is observed cheating, the recording is copied and burned onto a CD. You are notified by email and will be given the CD for review.

All exams, untaken and completed (that are marked "hold for pickup") are kept secured in a back room we refer to as our 'vault'. Only Testing Center staff members have access to this room -- no custodians, student assistants, or proctors are allowed in this area.

Please make sure to fill out your name, department, department mailing code, best number to reach you in case of any issues during the exam. Also, make sure to indicate all exam instructions, including the following:

  • how much time the class is given to complete the exam. Please do not extend the time for students with testing accommodations as Testing Center staff will do this. If no time is indicated, the length of the class according to the class schedule will be used
  • the last date the student must take the exam by
  • any resources the student is allowed to use on the exam, such as calculator, page of notes, etc. If no resource materials are allowed, please mark 'none'
  • the type of answer material(s) the student will need for the exam. All scantrons, blue/green books, and scratch paper are provided by the Testing Center. If no answer materials are needed, please mark 'None-Answer on exam'.
  • how you would like the exam returned to you (campus mail, hold for pickup, or student return)

We cannot administer exams without exam instructions. Incomplete test instruction forms may cause a delay in the return of the completed exam. It may also hinder the student's ability to complete the exam in numerous ways, such as not receiving the correct accommodated amount of time, being prohibited from using additional resources that were allowed in class, having to reschedule the exam, etc.