Brian Souza, Computer Science

Favorite class or professor? Why?

My favorite professor was Dr. Krovetz. He offered a challenging class, but he was always available to help. I learned more from his class than any other.

Next steps after graduation?

I’m looking to either work at Johns Hopkins’ applied physics laboratory or the Space and Naval Warfare Systems research laboratory in San Diego.

Why did you attend Sac State?

I really like the Sacramento area—it’s two hours from the beach and two hours from skiing and snowboarding. I was also looking for a small-class feel where I could get to know my professors better. And it offered a computer science program that I was really interested in.

Best memory?

There was one project that was really difficult and I was on campus for 18 hours a day, three days straight. It was brutal at the time but I passed the assignment and it was worth it.

Advice for freshman?

Get out there. Participate and pay attention in class and work hard. You can always have fun after class but don’t end your learning in the classroom. Say yes to opportunities that fall in your lap. Every successful person I’ve talked to took advantage of each opportunity that they had.

What would your “walk-up” song be?

Not sure honestly.

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Brian Souza