Danielle Saunders, Entrepreneurship

Favorite class or professor? Why?

I really enjoyed Dr. Lilly’s critical thinking class. It was a general education honors class and he gave us an assignment where we were allowed to research anything. Our class was asking, “why are you picking on us?” But it forced us to expand our minds and conduct a lot of research on our own.

Next steps after graduation?

I’m going to work on a diverse range of tasks. I’ll be working for a startup called Clastic. We make a blended learning platform for people to essentially receive career skills we feel that employers are looking for and are in high-demand. I’ll also be working with my dad and exploring my career.

Why did you attend Sac State?

I came here with an academic talent search, which was a middle school program and then with an accelerated college entrance program. I had been coming here so much already, so I thought I should keep going and I’ve enjoyed it.

Best memory?

I love running into people on campus. It seems to happen every day. Professors, friends and now family members. It’s really fun for me.

Advice for freshman?

If you’re looking to improve your career while in school, then I’d say focus on preparing yourself for impressing an employer. That would mean gaining relative work experience and that might require taking time away from your grades. That’s what research says to do right now.

What would your “walk-up” song be?

I hope the sound system could support Hans Zimmer’s Batman soundtrack.

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Danielle Saunders