Nancy Nguyen, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Favorite class or professor? Why?

That is a really tough question. I love my multicultural class with Dr. Roseberry because I love learning about other cultures, cultural differences and the related implications within the field. We serve so many diverse populations so it is important that we learn how to be culturally competent and sensitive to future clients. Dr. R is extremely passionate about the work she does and it radiates in her lectures and we have amazing class discussions and from students from various backgrounds. I also really enjoyed my Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Mechanism class because I love science-related subjects and the way the body functions is just fascinating to me.

Next steps after graduation?

I will be entering the graduate program as a full-time student for communication sciences and disorders this upcoming fall to obtain my master’s degree in speech pathology. I hope to be able to continue working my current job on campus as a study tutor because I love my job and all of the students I work with. In the future, I am interested in various settings for employment such as rehabilitation centers or the hospital where I am currently shadowing and volunteering.

Why did you attend Sac State?

Several reasons: Sac State has a reputable program for my major program that I knew wanted to attend. I got into both UC Davis and Sac State and I chose Sac State for its program and because two of my siblings are alumni and their positive experiences motivated me to attend Sac State as well.

Best memory?

I went on a trip to Viet Nam with my parents to visit my grandparents and all of my family members (aunts, uncles, cousins) for the first time. It was a really fun trip full of traveling, sightseeing and spending time with extended family. It was a very eye-opening experience overall and I got to learn even more about our culture, history and my parent’s upbringing.

Advice for freshman?

My advice would be to make an effort to get to know everyone: your classmates, peers on campus, faculty members, advisors and mentors—anyone you can! You will be here for at least the next four years so why not make it a great, memorable experience by making lifelong friends and getting involved on campus with clubs and organizations. Also, while academics are extremely important and a high priority, it is crucial to have a healthy balance with studying, leisure and self-care. Try to take at least one that interests you and enjoy learning.

What would your “walk-up” song be?

I listen to all types of genres but anything pop or upbeat to get me feeling energetic and motivated!

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Nancy Nyguen