Seth Fujii, Elementary Pre-Credential

Favorite class or professor? Why?

I don’t know about favorite but the professor that influenced me the most was Professor Stone. I took her cross-cultural development class. It really shed a light on everything that goes into social development and how culture influences a child in their development. It was mind- blowing. She had been an elementary school teacher and everything she taught us she applied in the classroom She did the class so perfectly. Everything was student-driven. Every class was a great because she very rarely said ‘This is a lecture’ instead she said ‘Here is a topic. Let’s discuss’

Next steps after graduation?

I want to get into the credential program here. After that I want to work in a low-income school. I worked with low-income students through Reading Partners and that’s what made me really know that I wanted to be a teacher. The feeling that you get working with these students who don’t have a lot of resources, that’s the feeling that I want every day.

Why did you attend Sac State?

The teacher credential program. I’d heard amazing things about it and since I was born and raised here it made sense to come to Sac State.

Best memory?

That’s a difficult question because I have a lot of good memories but not just one memory I can pinpoint. It’s everything that has gone into my Sac State experience.

Advice for freshman?

Be prepared to work. There’s always so many things to do. It’s about time management and giving 100 percent to everything. If you try to multitask everything, something is going to fall through the cracks, and hopefully it’s not your studies. Coming to the university level, even from community college, it’s such a different ethic. There’s so much responsibility and it’s on you. If you don’t study, you won’t succeed.

What would your “walk-up” song be?

There are so many choices. Every aspect of my life experience has been to a different song. For some of the harder parts, when is was struggling it would be something like “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. For the happier parts it would be “Walking on Sunshine.” But for now, when I’m having success, it’s “Eye of the Tiger.”

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Seth Fujii