Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I give to the University Foundation at Sacramento State?

Your gift is directed to your designated fund at Sacramento State; the University Foundation is the official 501(c)(3) office that is appointed to accept private support on behalf of the University. Your tax receipt will be issued by the University Foundation at Sacramento State and include a tax identification number.

What types of donations/gifts can be made?

Sacramento State, through the University Foundation, accepts outright gifts made by cash, check or credit card; appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds or real estate; and in-kind gifts that support or enhance the mission of the University or its programs.

May I designate how my gift will be used?

Yes, you may designate your gift to any existing program, scholarship or resource at Sacramento State.

May I choose who receives scholarships to which I have donated?

Under IRS regulations, donors may not select scholarship recipients. In some instances, donors may serve on scholarship selection committees so long as there are at least two other University representatives.

How is The University Foundation at Sacramento State governed?

The University Foundation board contains four committees—Executive, Investment, Audit and Governance. They share a common goal of maximizing private support for the University. The board of directors is responsible for managing and investing gift funds to ensure they can fulfill their designated purpose.

How does The University Foundation at Sacramento State benefit me?

The University Foundation ensures that your donation/contribution is handled with care. Donors may give gifts to the University Foundation for specific purposes and may obtain tax benefits in accordance with state of California and United States federal laws.

What is a matching gift?

Matching gifts are gifts from employers that are equal to, or sometimes double, the amount that an employee contributes. Thousands of companies match the charitable contributions of their employees, particularly when they give to the institutions of higher education. Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

To initiate the process, employees of companies that have matching gift programs must fill out a form available from the human resources department of their company and submit it to the University with their initial gift. Matching gifts are added to a donor's initial gift and the total is credited toward his/her gift and toward membership in recognition societies such as the President's Circle or Dean's Leadership Circle.

How do I establish an endowment?

You can establish a new endowment with a minimum threshold of $10,000, given either as a one-time gift or contributed over a period of time. You can also designate a deferred or planned gift—such as bequest—to establish an endowment in the future. Scholarships are the most common use of endowment funds, but endowments may also support academic programs, athletic teams or other areas of your choice.

What funds are managed by The University Foundation at Sacramento State?

Gift types managed by the University Foundation include endowments, current-use gifts and planned gifts. Donors can give gifts of cash, securities or real estate, which can be used to fund either an endowment or a current use account. More detailed information about endowments, current use gifts and planned gifts can be found here.

How does The University Foundation at Sacramento State pay for all the expenses of raising money?

The University Foundation does not have employees or overhead expenses, but does have regular business expenses for accounting, auditing, reporting and reinvestment in fundraising initiatives. The University Foundation has two gift fees as mandated by the CSU Chancellor’s Office for auxiliary organizations. The first fee is 3 percent, applied initially to all incoming gifts. The second fee is an annual charge to endowment and expendable accounts, not to exceed 1 percent.

The endowment assessment typically comes from the investment earnings, which have averaged 10 percent over the last five years. Expendable gift funds typically earn less in annual returns because of the zero-risk-tolerance investment policy, and as such, only earnings, not to exceed 1 percent, are charged as gift fees to expendable accounts.

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What is the relationship between The University Foundation at Sacramento State and the Sacramento State Alumni Association?

Both the University Foundation at Sacramento State and the Sacramento State Alumni Association are University auxiliaries that support its mission through the engagement of alumni, donors and friends. Each board has a reciprocal member who serves as a liaison, and members of each board regularly attend events and programs hosted by either organization.