USA Committees

The University Staff Assembly (USA) strives to strengthen staff contributions

to the campus community; encourages representation on campus-wide committees;

and sponsors social events and staff recognition

University Staff Assembly

Election Committee

  • This is a three person committee which collects and tallies the votes for all committees and elected positions throughout the year.  The committee meets as necessary

Halloween Committee

  • This committee meets at the beginning of the fall semester.  The responsibilities include advertising for the event, collecting the contest entries, and developing a route to judge all the contestants.  On the day of the event, the committee will spend a large portion of the day walking around campus and judging the entries.  Consent forms are signed and pictures are taken.  The committee will then decide winners of the contests, notify them, and deliver the prizes

Picnic Committee

  • This committee meets at the beginning of the spring semester.  The key duties include: planning the theme, entertainment, catering, budget, prizes, recruiting volunteers for setup and tear down, etc.

Staff Awards Luncheon

  • This committee meets meets during the spring semester and organizes everything needed for the Staff Awards Luncheon which is held during the fall semester

Staff to Staff Guides

  • This program is in the development stage

Donation Committee

  • This committee gathers all donations to the University Staff Assembly throughout the year.  This includes requesting donations, ensuring that specific donors are not solicited multiples times in the year, and thanking those that donate