Military Family Dependents

The dependent child, spouse or unmarried surviving spouse of a service-connected disabled or deceased veteran may be entitled to tuition waiver benefits at any campus of the California State University system, University of California or a California Community College. NOTE: This benefit covers only state-mandated tuition. There are additional mandatory university fees that you must pay each time you register please click on the following link for information on Sac State tuition and fees.

To be eligible, students must:

Meet California residency requirements according to the school they will be attending. The colleges will make the final residency determinations.


Meet the requirements of at least one of the following plans:

Plan A

  • The unmarried child of a Veteran who is totally disabled due to service-connected disabilities or whose death was officially rated as service-connected is eligible. The child must be over 14 years old and under 27 years old to be eligible. If the child is a Veteran, then the age limit is extended to age 30;
  • The spouse of a wartime Veteran who has been rated as service-connected totally disabled is eligible. There are no age limit restrictions;
  • The unmarried surviving spouse of a wartime Veteran whose death has been rated as service-connected is eligible. There are no age limit restrictions;
  • Any dependent of any Veteran who has been declared missing in action, captured in the line of duty by hostile forces, or forcibly detained or interned in the line of duty by a foreign government or power is eligible

The Veteran must have served at least one day of active duty during a period of war as declared by the U.S. Congress, or during any time in which the Veteran was awarded a campaign or expeditionary medal. Concurrent receipt of benefits under Plan A and VA Chapter 35 benefits is prohibited. To receive benefits under Plan A, a dependent must sign an "Election To Receive College Waiver Benefits" statement acknowledging this fact. There are no income restrictions under this plan. To be eligible, the event which caused basic entitlement to benefits (i.e., the date the Veteran died of service-connected causes or the date the military or United States Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) rated the Veteran as totally disabled as a result of service-connected disabilities) must have occurred prior to the child's 21st birthday.

Plan B

The child of a Veteran who has a service-connected disability, or had a service-connected disability at the time of death, or died of service-related causes is eligible. The child's annual income, which includes the child's adjusted gross income, plus the value of support provided by a parent, may not exceed the annual income limit. The current academic year entitlement is based upon the previous calendar year's annual income. Under Plan B, wartime service is not required and there are no specific age requirements. Children are the only dependents eligible under this plan. There is no prohibition against receiving concurrent VA Chapter 35 benefits

Please use the College Fee Waiver Calculator to verify eligibility.

To apply download an application, then go to any local County Veterans Service Office. For more information, you can also contact the admissions office or the Veterans Affairs office of any California college system campus.

****Please note that the Veterans Service Center at Sac State (or such centers at the other college systems mentioned) is not the approving authority for this benefit.***