Program Outline

logoSemester 1: Getting Involved – During the first semester veterans will:

  • Attend the Veteran’s Orientation offered in June or November. 
  • Take a WPJ exam in the summer or fall prior to the beginning of classes. (For students currently enrolled, he/she will need to take the WPJ when offered.)
  • Join a student organization on campus. 
  • Enroll, pending their score of the WPJ exam, in a G.E. Writing Intensive RPTA 122. In this course student veterans will:
    • Learn about becoming a mentor by serving as a mentee in the Veterans Mentorship Program in the second semester of the program.
    • Attend Green Certificate Workshops (this will be included in RPTA 122 course curriculum).
    • Attend the Gold Certificate Workshops (this will be included in RPTA 122 course curriculum).
    • Submit the Green and Gold Certificate Completion Application via OrgSync.
    • Engage in a self-reflective course curriculum that helps student veteran’s think about the differences about leading in a civilian world in contrast to leading in a military setting.
    • Engage in a self-reflective curriculum concerning their leisure time activities.
    • Learn how to prepare oneself for the workforce and how to market the skills obtained into the military into the civilian world.
    • Attend a ropes course training
    • Attend at least one outdoor trip (backpacking at Yosemite, zip-lining in Sonoma, white water rafting on the American River, or rock climbing in the Sierras.
    • Participants in this course will receive academic credit for a 3-hour upper division writing intensive course facilitating their progress to their respective degree that is VA G.I. Bill eligible for all transferring veterans.
    • Attend an end of the semester ceremony/orientation and earn the Green and Gold Certificates.

Female StudentSemester 2: Being a Leader – During this semester veterans will:

  • Serve as a Mentor in the Veterans Mentorship Program for the students enrolled in the RPTA 122 class.
  • Maintain a membership in a student organization.
  • Attend the Hornet Pride and Leadership Initiative Workshops offered by the Office of Student Organizations and Leadership.
  • Plan and implement a community event that would be supervised by Dr. Beth Erickson and Ryan Roebuck, Veterans Center Coordinator.
  • Submit final paper or assessment of the program/experience.
  • Meet with a Career Center Counselor for resume and interview evaluations.
  • Set up the Biography, Involvement, Academics, and Employment sections of the e-Portfolio on OrgSync and request an e-Portfolio review through OrgSync.
  • Setup Co-curricular Transcript on OrgSync and submit request of review through OrgSync.
  • Attend a special ceremony for completing the program where he/she will be presented with a Hornet Pride and Leadership Initiative Certificates.
  • Receive a small stipend for their mentoring services.